All 10 Wings locations in Chained Together

In the depths of Chained Together, where descent into hell seems inevitable, a whisperer legend offers hope to the damned with 10 mystical Wings scattered across the heights of inferno.

Wings offer Chained Together players a chance to defy gravity and recover from falling. As you collect more, the height increases. If you’re on your way to a speedrun or just want to have the ability to recover, here’s how you can find all 10 Wings.

All Wings locations in Chain Together, listed

Each Wing in the new indie climbing title is placed at different levels of the arduous climb. This means you’ll have to climb you way up until the very end to acquire the last of these Wings—and maybe set a speedrun record. For your ease, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all 10 Wing locations in Chained Together.

Wing One

Wing location 1 Chained Together
Easily spottable. Screenshot via Deadzach 44

The first Wing is quite easy to find; after spawning, turn right towards the burning torch.

Wing Two

Wing location 2 Chained Together
Climb up. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

Enter the fort at about 500 meters and climb above the first set of stairs, the Wing will be placed between two burning torches underneath the chandelier.

Wing Three

Wing location 13Chained Together
Sneaky little wing. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

Climb up the piping level network at the 600-meter mark and stand above the red vending machine. Look north of the vending machine to spot the Wing floating in the corner. Climb on the pipe next to the machine to reach the Wing.

Wing Four

Wing location 4 Chained Together
The hardest one. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

This Wing is a little tedious. Enter the grey building with white graffiti on the outside at the 1,220-meter mark. Head inside the building and go through the second opening. Continue along the path until you find rubble on the ground with purple light. Look behind to spot the Wing placed in front of the black wall with graffiti.

Wing Five

Wing location 5 Chained Together
Up, up and away! Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

At the 1300-meter mark you’ll find two circular fans between the buildings. Stand in front of the fan on the left side and position in a way that the fan air blows you toward the building. From there, climb on top of the ledge to find the Wing.

Wing Six

Wing location 6 Chained Together
Timing is everything. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

This one is fairly easy to find at the 1,600-meter mark. While crossing the windmill fans, you’ll find the Wing placed in between them on wheat bags. Jump on the bags to collect the Wing in Chained Together.

Wing Seven

Wing location 7 Chained Together
Watch your step. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

Cross the wooden bridge at 2,111 meters. Immediately turn left. You’ll spot the Wing placed on a stone platform. Time your jump correctly as the platform is a bit far away.

Wing Eight

Wing location 8 Chained Together
Head into Chinatown. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

This Wing is on top of the Chinese pavillions on the 2,700-meter mark. The Wing will be on the other side, so you’ll have to go around.

Wing Nine

Wing location 9 Chained Together
Its a trampoline. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

While crossing the broken bridge at 3,100 meters, climb the ladder and bounce off the second jumping platform shaped like a drum to collect the Wing.

Wing 10

Wing location 10 Chained Together
The last one, hidden in plain sight. Screenshot via Deadzach 44 (YouTube)

The last Wing to collect in Chained Together is placed in the large courtyard, across the small pond at the 3,300-meter mark. Jump across the pond and go to the right side of the courtyard to spot the Wing hidden behind bushes.

How to activate the Wings in Chained Together

Once you’ve collected all 10 Wings in Chained Together, you’ll be awarded the 10 Wings achievement trophy. To activate the wings, head back into the main menu and turn on the Use Wings option underneath Play.

Once you’ve activated the Wings, you’ll now have the ability to recover from falling down. While falling, hold the jump button to begin flying. The Wings will only keep you afloat for a few seconds but it’s enough for you to land on a platform and recover—much nicer than tumbling all the way down to the beginning.

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