All 2024 LoL Anima Squad splash arts

The fight has only begun against the oncoming swarm of Primordians, but League of Legends‘ Anima Squad is ready to defend Earth with a whole new squad of champions joining the fray with new skins to boot.

League of Legends2024 Anima Squad summer event will be bringing a whole new collection of beautiful cosmetics, ranging from the technologically savvy to the downright destructive. They will be sporting their best looks heading into one of the biggest battles that we’ve seen away from the Summoner’s Rift.

For those searching for a skin that’s calling them, here are all of the 2024 Anima Squad and Primordian splash arts coming to League.

2024 LoL Anima Squad splash arts

Battle Bunny Aurora

Battle Bunny Aurora
Clocked in. Image via Riot Games

Battle Dove Seraphine (Legendary)

Battle Dove Seraphine splash
High in the sky. Image via Riot Games

Battle Bat Xayah

Battle Bat Xayah splash
Fearless and ready for a fight. Image via Riot Games

Cyber Cat Yuumi

Cyber Cat Yuumi splash
That’s one high-tech cat. Image via Riot Games

Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi

Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi splash
Elegance, with a side of meow. Image via Riot Games

Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune (Mythic Variant)

Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune splash
The leader of the pack. Image via Riot Games

All Primordian 2024 skins in League

Primordian Bel’Veth

Primordian Bel'Veth splash
The swarm follows her every word. Image via Riot Games

Primordian Rek’Sai

Primordian Rek'Sai splash
Brutality and animalistic rage. Image via Riot Games

Battle Bear Illaoi, Battle Lion Leona, and Battle Wolf Yasuo will each have their splash art revealed halfway through the event as the second wave of new cosmetics, along with Primordian Aatrox and Briar. Altogether, there are 13 different skins being added to League with this massive event. Join in the festivities when the Anima Squad summer event begins on Wednesday, July 17.

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