How to make Magic Stairs in Tarisland

In Tarisland, there are plenty of different locations that you’ll need to reach for a quest, but sometimes, you’ll need a quick shortcut by using some Magic Stairs.

Magic Stairs are transparent stairs that can be placed anywhere in front of your character and can be used to scale tall areas to reach different objectives. They can also be used to cut down on travel time or avoid certain areas filled with enemies so that you can quickly complete some tasks for your quests.

If you’re looking for a quick shortcut, here is how to make Magic Stairs in Tarisland.

Making Magic Stairs in Tarisland, explained

Magic Stairs description in Tarisland
A quick climb to wherever you need to go. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To make Magic Stairs in Tarisland, you must buy them in your store under the Hot Items tab. They will cost you about 400 Silver Coins each and will only sell for about 135 coins in return, so make sure to only buy as many as you really need.

To use the stairs, place them onto your hotkey bar from your inventory after you’ve purchased them, and click the corresponding key. You’ll be prompted to place the stairs, which will appear in the direction that your character is facing. You will only have about 16 steps up per purchase, so you might need to buy a few Magic Stairs to scale some of the taller buildings in the game.

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