All First Descendant pre-season week 2 challenges and rewards

It’s a new week in The First Descendant, and that means a fresh batch of challenges to work through. We’ve got all the details you need for this week’s tasks.

Challenges in The First Descendant provide valuable battle pass experience, and a select few also provide Supply Coins that are used to purchase additional goodies—and the best thing is these challenges are usually not too tricky to tick off.

If you want to know what’s in store for this week, we have everything you need to know below.

All pre-season week two challenges in The First Descendant

Freyna, a Descendant from The First Descendant, with her stats displayed.
Freyna is required. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Week two of the pre-season battle pass provides eight new challenges to complete, most of which are earned simply through playing. But you need Freyna for two of the missions and need to unlock hard mode by completing the story for another.

The good news is that these challenges will not expire until the end of the season, due in late August, so there is plenty of time to work through the checklist.

Name Description Reward
External Component Recycling Dismantle 100 External Components 3,000 Battle Pass XP
Firearms Recycling Dismantle 300 Weapons 3,000 Battle Pass XP
Poison Defeat 500 enemies with Freyna’s skill: Venom Trauma 3,000 Battle Pass XP
5x Supply Coins
Grant Me More True Strength Consume 150,000 Kuiper Shard 3,000 Battle Pass XP
Sylvan Ruins Clear a mission on Hard More in Kingston (excluding Outposts, Void Fragments, and Fusion Reactors) 3,000 Battle Pass XP
Synchronization Use Ultimate Weapon Level Transmission three times 3,000 Battle Pass XP
Venomous Goddess Reach level 30 with Freyna 3,000 Battle Pass XP
5x Supply Coins
Arche Explosion Reach 3,000,000 Total Skill Damage 3,000 Battle Pass XP

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