All Infinite Craft recipes and combos

Infinite Craft is a logic-based crafting game that challenges you to create as many things as you can with basic ingredients, from simple elements to complicated structures, ideas, and concepts.

In a new game of Infinite Craft, you start with just Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth available, and you combine these items simply by clicking and dragging them on top of each other in the play space. You can also drag two of the same items together to create something new, like combining Tree with Tree to make a Forest.

A screenshot from Infinite Craft showing how to make a Rainbow by combining water, fire, steam, and clouds in a certain order.
The basics of crafting and how to make a Rainbow in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The game is slowly rising in popularity, and the wave of players is discovering more and more recipes. Considering the game is “infinite,” it might be impossible to find every recipe. Still, if there’s something you specifically are trying to craft, check out our list of recipes in Infinite Craft, sorted alphabetically.

As a note, this list is still a work in progress and likely will be for some time. Several items can be made in multiple ways.

Every Infinite Craft Neal Fun recipe and crafting combination

Here are all the crafting recipes in Infinite Craft we are currently aware of. As noted above, this is a growing list that will be frequently added to over time.

Recipe First Ingredient Second Ingredient
Abominable Snowman Water Yeti
Adam Mud Venus
Africa Continent Swamp
Air Conditioner Cold Engine
Aircraft Carrier Battleship Battleship
Airship Steampunk Pirate Wind
Alchemist Philosopher Fire
Alfred Batman Wisdom
Alien Lava Lamp Lunar
Allergy Pollen Surf
Aloha Hawaii Leaf
Alpha Wolf Wolf Pack
Amazon Jungle River
Amber Cologne Fossil
America Rainbow Continent
Ammonite Fossil Roll
Android Software Planet
Angel Incense Prayer
Animal Earth Zoo
Animal Kingdom Zoo Disney
Anime Japan America
Anniversary Birthday Marriage
Antarctica Continent Ice
Antique Vintage Time
Ape Monkey Monkey
Apocalypse God Nuke
Apple Fruit Adam
Apple Juice Apple Rain
Apple Pie Fruit Tree America
Area Number Land
Argentina Country Messi
Ariel Whale Vase
Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Weed
Arsonist Stalker Fire
Art Drawing Mountain
Artificial Intelligence Technology Art
Asia Ash Continent
Ash Fire Tree
Atlantis Island Ocean
Atlas Titan Earth
Australia Continent Surf
Avalanche Wind Mountain
Baby Family Human
Baby Dinosaur Dinosaur Egg
Baby Lovebird Lovebird Lovebird
Baby Polar Bear Polar Bear Polar Bear
Bacon Pig Fire
Baconator Volcano Bacon
Baconcorn Bacon Unicorn
Baconasaurus Baconcorn T-Rex
Baconasaurus Rex Baconasaurus Baconasaurus
Bacon Zeus Baconasaurus Zeus
Balloon Wind Wine
Banana Boat Banana Ship
Banana Split Banana Banana
Bankrupt Titanic Money
Bar Drunk Money
Barackasaurus Dinosaur Obama
Barbecue Fire Pork
Bat Black Vampire
Batman Bat Bat
Battle War War
Battleship Tank Ship
Bear Cubs Cubs
Beauty and the Beast Beauty King Kong
Bellini Peach Rum
Berserker Viking Monster
Best Friend Friend Friend
Big Bang Time Universe
Bigfoot Golem Loch Ness Monster
Bionic Bud Cyborg Weed
Bird Kite Flying
Birthday Cake Cake Cake
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crown
Black Hole Galaxy Galaxy
Blackbear Pirate Ship Time Travel
Blizzard Snow Wind
Boat Water Tractor
Bog Swamp Swamp
Bomb Explosion Energy
Bonsai Japan Tree
Book Paper Paper
Bookshelf Book Book
Bottle Wine Future
Boulder Stone Stone
Bouquet Garden Flower
Box Pandora Beauty
Bowser Mario Napoleon Complex
Brazil South America Continent
Bread Wheat Food
Breadstick Bread Star
Breakfast Egg Bacon
Brick Clay Clay
Bride Wedding Beauty
Bro Cowboy Best Friend
Broken Heart Heart Heartbreak
Brownies Mud Chocolate
Bruce Wayne Batman Alcohol
Buddha Tree Wisdom
Building Construction Construction
Bullet Glass Train
Bunker House Nuke
Burn Fire Letter
Bush Weed Weed
Businessman Skyscraper Human
Burnt Toast Toast Fire
Butter Toast Oil
C-3PO Lightsaber Robot
Cactus Desert Plant
Cake Butter Egg
Calendar Sun Year
Cambodia Country Angkor Wat
Camelot Camel Dinosaur
Cannon Fire Ship
Cannonball Fire Cannon
Cape Verde Africa Atlantic Ocean
Captain Pirate Pirate Ship
Captain Hook Pirate Dragon
Car Engine Plant
Carnivorous Plant Venus Flytrap Plant
Casino Vegas Shark
Castle House War
Cat Video YouTube Cat
Catholic Religion Mario
Cauldron House Pot
Cave Bear Earth
Cemetary Grave Grave
Centaur Human Horse
Central Park New York Tree
Ceramic Pottery Cauldron
CD Fire Walkman
Change Obama Hope
Chaos Universe Entropy
Cheese Moon Mud
Cheetah Leopard Leopard
Chef Egg Omelete
Chest Pirate Treasure
Chicken Egg Fire Flower
Chicken Parm Lemonade Chicken Parmesan Lemonade
Chicken Parmesan Chicken Cheese
Child Baby Baby
Chimera Minotaur Centaur
Chimpanzee Monkey Peanut Butter
China Chinese Island
Chinese Asia Human
Chocolate Mud Rainforest
Christmas Tree Star
Christmas Tree Pine Battery
Chuck Norris Serial Killer Vomit
Church God House
Cider Apple Water
Cinder Ash Dust
City Town Town
Clay Mud Mud
Clean Dust Weed
Cleopatra King Arthur Egypt
Clock Computer Time
Cloud Wind Steam
Cloud Trap Cloud Venus Flytrap
Cocoa Chocolate Soil
Coin Mud Metal
Cold Fog Sneeze
Cologne Alcohol Perfume
Computer System Fire
Confucius Book Chinese
Construction Brick Crane
Continent Island Island
Cooked Animal Fire
Cookie Animal Oven
Cookie Monster Dragon Cookie
Cookie Shake Cookie Milkshake
Coral Seed Ocean
Coral Reef Coral Venus Flytrap
Cosmos Universe Galaxy
Cough Pencil Sick
Cough Syrup Cough Alcohol
Count Vampire Weed
Countdown Count TV
Country City Continent
Cowboy Jetski Tumbleweed
Crane Swamp Bird
Crash Plane Fire
Crocodile Swamp Tank
Crocodile Hunter Crocodile YouTube
Crocopig Crocodile Pig
Crop Field Fire
Cruise Boat Honeymoon
Crusade Bible Battle
Crusader Knight Paladin
Crying Broken Heart Tearjerker
Crypt Tomb Grave
Cryptocurrency Crypt Hacker
Cryptozoology Loch Ness Monster Bigfoot
Cubs Lion Lioness
Cuddly Teddy Bear Cheetah
Cupid Vase Pegasus
Curse Mummy Pot
Cursed Coin Cryptocurrency Curse
Cyborg Computer Android
Cyclone Planet Tornado
Dance Party Music
Dandelion Plant Wind
Dandelion Patch Dandelion Dandelion
Darth Vader Light Saber Dragon
Darwin Monkey Philosopher
Death Life Vampire
Death Note Death Anime
Death Star Star Wars Planet
Defenestration Vomit Window
Demon Hell Grudge
Dengue Mosquito Egg
Denmark Bacon Europe
Desert Sand Sand
Destruction Tornado Tsunami
Devil Angel Smoke
Dinosaur Rainbow Fossil
Disney Magic Park
Divorce Marriage Love
DJ Human Music
Doctor Sickness Wisdom
Doggie Dog Cookie
Dominican Republic Dom Republic
Donkey Kong Oil
Donkey Kong King Kong Money
Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Mario Bros
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Double Katana Katana Katana
Dowry Wedding Money
Drawing Pencil Earth
Dracula Vampire Earth
Dragon Swamp Fire
Dragon Ball Goku Asia
Dragon Ball Z Fight Anime
Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball Z Time
Dragonborn Splitting Pains Dragon
Dragonfly Dandelion Dragon
Drone Plane Obama
Drunk Love Rum
Duck Dandelion Patch Lake
Duckling Duck Water
Dumbledore Socrates Harry Potter
Dust Wind Earth
Dust Bowl Dust Storm Sandstorm
Dust Storm Sandstorm Sandstorm
Dust Trap Dust Storm Venus Flytrap
Dustpan Dust Pot
Earthquake Planet Tsunami
Easter Jesus Time
Eclipse Sun Open
Eden Garden Lily
Eevee Stone Pokémon
Egg Dinosaur Dinosaur
Egypt Planet Sphinx
Eiffel Tower Skyscraper Venus
Elder Dragon Time
Electric Guitar Lightning Music
Electricity Windmill Wind
Elon Musk Tesla Tuxedo
Energy Windmill Fire
Engine Steam Fire
Eruption Wind Volcano
Empire State Building New York House
Emo Mermaid Goth
Estonia Baltic Country
Eternity Time Europe
Europe Fjord Continent
Eurovision Japan Europe
Excalibur Mud Sword
Eve Adam Venus
Everest Mountain Range Mosquito
Evolution Theory Time
Explosion Fire Energy
Facebook Social Network
Fairy Magic Princess
Fallout Nuke Water
Family Human Human
Farm Tractor Earth
Fertility Magic Soil
Fibonacci Fart Number
Field Farm Earth
Fight Battle War
Figure Skating Ice Skating Itchy
Finland Eurovision Win
Fire Bird Phoenix Volcano
Fire Flower Fireball Plant
Fire King Fireman King
Fire Tornado Cyclone Fire
Fire Trap Fire Venus Flytrap
Fire Truck Firefighter Firefighter
Fire Queen Fire King Marriage
Fireball Fire Fire Trap
Firebird Phoenix Nuke
Firefighter Arsonist Mirror
Fireman Doctor Arsonist
Fireplace Fire Bush
Fish Water Ocean
Fishbowl Water Fish
Fishing Fish Lake
Fjord Lake Mountain
Flock Bird Bird
Flower Plant Rain
Flying Kite Wind
Flying Bread Toaster Tornado
Flying Car Jet Engine
Flying Horse Wind Pegasus
Flypaper Dust Trap Venus Flytrap
Fog Water Smoke
Food Farmer Plant
Fool Stupid King
Football Dust Bowl Mud
Forest Mountain Tree
Fortune Paper Cookie
Fossil Plant Stone
France Napoleon Bonaparte Land
Frankenstein Swamp Electricity
Freedom America Rainbow
Fridge Cold Metal
Friend Like Facebook
Frog Fish Swamp
Frog Prince Kermit Cupid
Frogger Frog Truck
Frost Dragon Cold Ice Dragon
Fruit Sun Tree
Fruit Tree Fruit Fruit
Fuel Engine Food
Future Time History
Gambler Vegas Crocodile
Garden Love Earth
Galaxy Star Star
Galleon Harry Potter Coin
Gay Catholic Church Rainbow
Geisha Woman Japan
Genetically Modified Food Food Technology
Genie Princess Bottle
Germany Berlin  Dust
Geysir Stone Steam
Ghost Grave Human
Gift Book Wrapper
Gingerbread House Cookie
Girlfriend Best Friend Love
Glass Obsidian Steam
Glue Flypaper Fuel
God Universe Eternity
Godzilla Dinosaur Japan
Gohan Goku Mountain
Goku Dragon Ball Z Anime
Gold Money Money
Goldfish Fire Fishbowl
Gold Bar Gold Gold
Gold Ingot Gold Bar Gold Bar
Golem Swamp Zombie
Gordan Ramsay Chef YouTube
Goth Black Passion
Gotham Batman Castle
Grave Tomb Love
Graveyard Cemetary Cemetary
Greatsword Longsword Longsword
Grim Reaper Death Death
Grudge Grumpy Revenge
Grumpy Sourpuss Snake
Gun Weapon Destruction
Hacker Internet Computer
Hammer Thor Weapon
Hangover Alcohol Fog
Hangry Hangover Itchy
Hangwish Hangover Wish
Hammerhead Shark Pork
Hamster Morning Mouse
Happily Ever After Marriage Garden
Happiness Bunny Smile
Hare Rabbit Smile
Harp Angel Music
Harry Potter Owl Pegasus
Harry Potter and the Heat Death of the Universe Harry Potter Heat Death of the Universe
Hatsune Miku Android J-pop
Hawaii Island Volcano
Hawaii Five-O Napoleon Complex Hawaii
Heart Cupid Cupid
Heartbreak Death Love
Hedwig Harry Potter Hamster
Hercules Hydra Zeus
Hero Zero Jesus
Hex Curse Curse
Hexagon Hex Hex
Hibernation Bear Cave
Hippocampus Sea Flying Horse
Hipster New York Cool
History Relic Time
Hive Bee Bee
Hole Black Hole Earth
Holy Water Water Wine
Homer Simpson Family
Honey Bee Star
Honeycomb Honey Prison
Hot Ones YouTube Hot Sauce
Hot Spring Cold Geyser
Hourglass Time Tornado
House Wall Brick
Human Rebirth Zombie
Human Adam Eve
Hummingbird Bird Bee
Hydra Dragon Monster
Ice Snow Water
Ice Cream Popsicle Popsicle
Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Ice Cream
Ice Dragon Cold Dragon
Iceberg Titan Water
Iceland Fjord Volcano
Igloo Island Ice
Incense Plant Smoke
Infinity Zero 8
Internet Computer Electricity
IPod Walkman Music
Iran Country Caspian Sea
Ireland Potato Country
Iron Rust Rust
Italy Pizza Country
Island Ocean Earth
Jack Titanic Ariel
Jack Frost Jack Igloo
Jack Sparrow Sunflower Pirate
Jail Prison Prisoner
Jail Break Jail Bomb
Jailbird Bird Prison
James Bond Jack Tux
Japan Continent Tea
J-pop Japan Electric Guitar
Jedi Star Wars Lightsaber
Jedi Pig Lightsaber Pig
Jelly Peanut Butter Park
Jellyfish Jelly Island
Jesus Church Son
Jet Plane Plane
Joy Smile Happiness
Jungle Rainforest Rainforest
Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
Kamehameha Goku Water
Kanye West Rapper Church
Karma Punishment Rat
Kelp Plant Seaweed
Kermit Miss Piggy Fight
Kindle Amazon Computer
King Palace Stupid
King Arthur Camelot Graveyard
King Kong Godzilla Dinosaur
KitKat Chocolate Japan
Kite China Wind
Knight Robot Paladin
Knight Rider Lightsaber Car
Knowledge Owl Unicorn
Kraken Sea Serpent Pirate
Kung Fu Goku Chinese
Lake Water Water
Landslide Earth Avalanche
Laser Lightning Bullet
Lava Fire Earth
Lava Lamp Lava Lamp
Lawyer Human Divorce
Leaf Wind Tree
League of Legends Riot Software
Lebanon Cedar Country
Lego Star Wars Brick
Lemon Fruit Fossil
Lemonade Lemon Lemon
Lens Fire Glass
Leopard Lion Tiger
Leopard Bear Leopard Teddy Bear
Leprechaun Pot of Gold Warrior
Lesbian Pride Month Girl
Letter Mailbox Mail
Leviathan Crocodile Megalodon
Library Bookshelf Bookshelf
Life Venus Steam
Lighthouse Lake Stone
Lightning Fire Cloud
Lightsaber Laser Sword
Like Facebook Meme
Lily Flower Water
Link Mario Longsword
Lion Zebra Fire
Lioness Lion Love
Loch Ness Swamp Island
Loch Ness Monster Swamp Monster
Longsword Sword Sword
Lotus Lily Flower
Love Mermaid Prince
Lovebird Parrot Cupid
Luigi Mario Human
Luffy One Piece Monkey
Lunar Moon Lily
Lunch Lady Woman Lunch
Madden Computer Football
Mafia New York Family
Magic Wizard Witch
Mailbox Postman Postman
Man Adam Earth
Manga Book Japan
Mangrove Tree Swamp
Mario Donkey Kong Screen
Mario Bros Super Mario Luigi
Mario Kart Mario Yoshi
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart Money
Marriage Wedding Love
Mars Planet Chocolate
Math Tree Number
Mathematician Human Number
Medusa Mirror Stone
Megalodon Shark North America
Meme Mold Internet
Mermaid Donkey Sea
Messi Soccer Dust
Metal Rock Oxygen
Meteor Planet Rock
Metronome Music Clock
Mexico Desert North America
Micronesia Country Micro
Microscope Lens Swamp
Milk Toilet Cow
Milky Way Solar System Fjord
Mine Iron Mountain
Minotaur Centaur Animal
Mirage Desert Ocean
Mirror Glass Obsidian
Miss Piggy Pig Beauty
Missile Countdown Drone
Mist Swamp Wind
Mistress Woman Mafia
Mold Virus Rain
Money Treasure Time
Monkey Jungle Dust
Monkey Wrench Monkey Wrench
Monster Loch Ness Wind
Monster Truck Tractor Swamp
Moon Earth Reflection
Moonstone Moon Stone
Morning Hangover Night
Mosquito Swamp Bee
Mother-in-law Woman Terror
Mountain Earth Earth
Mouse Garden Cheese
Movie Popcorn Love
Mrs. Claus Santa Bride
Mud Steam Earth
Mud Bowl Dust Bowl Mud
Muddy Pig Mud Crocopig
Mule Donkey Farm
Multiverse Universe Universe
Mummy Human Dust
Music Rock Roll
Napoleon Europe Time Machine
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Dynamite Star
Napoleon Complex Napoleon Bonaparte Paradox
Napoleon Dynamite Big Bang Napoleon
Narhwal Fish Unicorn
Naruto Anime Ninja
Nepal Asia Mount Everest
Nessie Loch Ness Monster Smoke
Netflix Cinema YouTube
Netherlands Windmill Country
Network Internet System
New York State of Liberty House
New Zealand Rugby Country
Newton Apple Karma
Night Moon Flower
Nile River Reef
Ninja China Warrior
North America Continent America
North Korea Nuclear Country
Norway Fjord Country
Nuclear TV Nuke
Nuke Missile Death
Number Count Count
Nut Squirrel Sun
Oasis Desert Water
Obama Politician Hawaii
Obsidian Stone Lava
Ocean Water Lake
Octave Music Number
Odin God Divorce
Odysseus Odyssey Homer
Odysseus Rex Odysseus T-Rex
Odyssey Homer Book
Oedipus Oedipus Rex Tragedy
Oedipus Rex Odysseus Rex Tragedy
Oink Pig Mirror
Olympus Zeus Mountain
Omega Alpha War
Omelet Pancake Egg
One Piece Pirate Anime
Open Window Perfume
Oreo Snake Cookie
Otaku Anime Computer
Oven Fireplace Stone
Owl Bird Flashlight
Owlfish Owl Fish
Paganini Violin YouTube
Palace House Oasis
Paladin Palm Spell
Palm Desert Tree
Pancake Breakfast Cake
Panda Black Pig
Pandora Panda Beauty
Pandapig Panda Pig
Pangaea Continent Continent
Paparazzi Stalker Movie
Paper Tree Wood
Paradox Multiverse Time Travel
Park Garden Garden
Parrot Bird Garden
Party Best Friend Music
Passion Love Fire
Peach Mario Princess
Pegasus Unicorn Wind
People Land POp
Pencil Ash Tree
Penguin Antartica Island
Perfume Incense Water
Peru Country Machu Picchu
Peter Griffin Baconator Quaqmire
Peter Pan Captain Hook Fire
Philosopher Squirrel Wisdom
Philosophy Wisdom Music
Phoenix Bird Fire
Phone Newspapwer Number
Phone Number Girlfriend Number
Pidgeot Plane Pokemon
Pi Infinity Number
Pie Apple America
Pie Fight Apple Pie Fight
Pig Rainbow Mud
Piglet Pig Pig
Pigpen Mud Pig
Pikachu Pokémon Anime
Pikasushi Pikachu Sushi
Pilot Plane Human
Pina Colada Alcohol Pineapple
Pine Smell Forest
Pineapple Hawaii Plant
Piranha Goldfish Swamp
Pirate Ship Dragon
Pitcher of Lemonade Lemonade Lemonade
Pizza New York Food
Plane Bird Flying
Planet Earth Dust
Plant Water Earth
Playboy Man Rabbit
Pluto Napoleon Complex Planet
Poem Bird Song
Pokémon Anime Fish
Pollen Dust Plant
Polly Parrot Fireman
Pollywag Tornado Polly
Pop Fire Balloon
Popcorn Butter Toast
Pope Catholic Rich
Popsicle Jelly Ice
Port Water Village
Postman Owl Harry Potter
Pot Vase Vase
Pot of Gold Rainbow Treasure
Pottery Clay House
Prayer Incense Smoke
Prayer Water Prayer Water
Pregnant Tinkerbell Fertility
Present Gift Gift
Pride Lion Lion
Pride Month Pride Calendar
Prince Frog Cupid
Princess Mule Beauty
Prison Night Sentence
Prisoner Squirrel Prison
Prison Break Prison Tsunami
Prison Cake Cake Jail
Prometheus Titan Fire
Psalm Hymn Number
Psychopath Sicko Love
Pteranodon Pterodactyl Pterodactyl
Pterodactyl Bird Dinosaur
Quagmire Swamp Mud
Queen Princess Crown
Quicksand Cloud Trap Mud
Rabbit Animal Dandelion
Race Chariot Driver
Racecar Car Engine
Radiation Toxic Number
Radio Microscope Wave
Radio Tower Radio Radio
Radio Waves Radio Tower Water
Rain Cloud Earth
Rainbow Rain Fire
Rainbow Bear Rainbow Polar Bear
Rainforest Rain Forest
Rally Mud Car
Rap Rapper Music
Rapper Human DJ
Rapunzel Princess Ruin
Rat Subway City
Reef Coral Coral
Reflection Mirror Ghost
Relativity Einstein Theory
Relic Antique Time
Retirement Firefighter Time
Revenge Sandwich Karma
Riot Rally Fire
Roblox Fortnite Program
Roll Sushi Seaweed
Roman Mars Number
Ronin Samurai Ninja
Rose Flower Beauty
Roulette Gambler Casino
Ruin Rain Sandcastle
Rum Bottle Pirate
Rust Car Ash
Sadness Crying Broken Heart
Safari Zoo Zoo
Sage Philosopher Wisdom
Sail Wind Ship
Sailor Moon Anime Frankenstein
Santa Christmas Elder
Sasuke Ninja Sword
Saiyan Goku Flower
Samurai Japan Warrior
Sand Dust Dust
Sandbox Desert Software
Sandcastle Beach Sand
Sandstorm Desert Storm
Santa Christmas Cookie
Sarcophagus Mummy Mummy
Sashimi Sushi Rain
Sasquatch Bigfoot Swamp
Satellite Earth Radio Waves
Science Hourglass Microscope
Score Game Number
Scratch Jack Itchy
Screen Computer Glass
Sea Monster Water Monster
Sea Serpent Water Dragon
Seaweed Fish Plant
Sentence Word Word
Serbia Volleyball Country
Serial Killer Stalker Psychopath
Server Computer Computer
Shark Surfer Sea
Shark Tank Shark Oil
Ship Water Island
Sick Dengue Vacation
Sickness Divorce Sick
Sicko Movie Sick
Simpson Family Anime
Singapore Lion Country
Siren Mermaid Bacon
Skeeter Mosquito Seaweed
Skyscraper Empire State Building House
Slingshot Weapon Stone
Slushie Jelly Snow
Smell Perfume Steam
Smile Sun Mushroom
Smoke Wind Fire
Smoker Cigarette Smoke
Sneeze Allergy Wind
Sniper Gun Telescope
Snow Avalanche Steam
Snowman Rain Yeti
Soccer Football Football
Social Network Internet
Socrates Wisdom Squirrel
Software System Computer
Soggy Bread Toaster Water
Soil Earth Ash
Solar Sun Fire
Solar Flare Solar Wind Fire
Solar Panel Sun Electricity
Solar System Sun Galaxy
Solar Wind Solar System Wind
Song Radio Music
Sorbet Fruit Ice
Sourpuss Lemon Owl
South Africa Cape Town Africa
South America North America Pangaea
South Korea Country South
Spain Sand Europe
Spell Curse Hex
Splitting Pains Divorce Window
Square Area Number
Squid Kraken Water
Squidward Squid Tourist
Squirrel Tree Mouse
Stalker Psychopath Love
Star Planet Planet
Star Wars Star Lightsaber
Statue Stone America
Statue of Liberty Lighthouse Boulder
Steam Water Fire
Steampunk Planet Steam
Steampunk Pirate Ocean Steampunk
Steampunk Pirate Ship Steam Steampunk Pirate
Steampunk Plant Steampunk Pirate Plant
Steampunk Tree Steampunk Plant Smoke
Steel Iron Iron
Sticky Note Glue Technology
Stone Earth Lava
Stonehenge Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone
Storm Rain Wind
Stripes Tiger Love
Stupid Donkey Cupid
Subscribe YouTube Heart
Subway Steam Train
Sun Star Fire
Sunflower Sun Flower
Sunrise Morning Mountain
Superman Goku America
Supernova Planet Robot
Super Mario Mario Luigi
Super Mario Bros Super Mario Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 3 Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario World Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario 3D World Super Mario Bros Super Mario World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Super Mario Bros Super Mario 3D World
Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Z
Surf Steam Wave
Surfboard Surfer Surfer
Surfer Tsunami Pilot
Surfing Surfer Surfboard
Sushi Mountain Seaweed
Swamp Lake Earth
Sweden Cool Europe
Sweep Broom Number
Switzerland Country Mountain
Sword Blade Blade
System Planet Solar
T-1000 Terminator Weapon
T-Rex Death Dinosaur
T-Rump T-Rex Trump
Tango Dance Number
Tank Ship Tractor
Tank Truck Monster Truck Tank
Tarzan Jungle Book
Taxi New York Car
Tea Plant Steam
Teapot Tea Earth
Tearjerker Tears Book
Tears Heartbreak Human
Tea-zilla Godzilla Tea
Technology Science Science
Teddy Bear Love Bear
Teddy Lion Teddy Bear Lion
Telescope Moonstone Window
Tempest Storm Tea
Terminator Robot Relic
Terrorist Bomb Freedom
Tesla Car Electricity
Tesla Tower Tesla Tesla
Thailand Asia Beach
Thanksgiving Turkey Honey
Theater Movie Popcorn
Theory Einstein Dust
Therapist Doctor Devil
Thor Odin Cosmos
Thunder Lightning Beauty
Tiger Tiger Lily Love
Tiger Lily Earth Captain Hook
Time Paradox Time Paradox
Timebomb Clock Bomb
Time Machine Wormhole Time Travel
Time Paradox Black Hole Time Travel
Time Travel Black Hole Wormhole
Tinder Love Technology
Tinkerbell Peter Pan Earth
Titan Kraken Earth
Titanic Iceberg Boat
Toast Breakfast Fire
Toaster Robot Bread
Toilet Venus Flytrap Clean
Tokyo Godzilla Island
Tomb Mummy Earth
Tool Earth Monkey Wrench
Tornado Wind Wind
Tornadroll Troll Tornado
Tourist Vacation Statue
Town Village Village
Tractor Mud Engine
Tragedy Sadness Book
Train Steam Engine
Transistor Engine Radio
Treasure Pirate Earth
Treasure Map Map Pencil
Tree Earth Plant
Tree of Knowledge Tree of Life Universe
Tree of Life Tree Universe
Troll Earth Monster
Truck Box Car
Trump America Drunk
Trump Cake Trump Cake
Tsunami Water Tornado
Tumbleweed Kelp Dust Storm
Turkey (bird) Bird Christmas
Turkey (country) Country Istanbul
Tutankhamun Mummy Egypt
TV Screen Screen
Twilight Vampire Love
Typhoon Tea Tempest
Ukraine Country Sunflower
Underworld Hades Hades
United Kingdom Europe Tea
Unicorn Godzilla Rainbow
Universe Galaxy Black Hole
USA America Sun
Utopia Planet Future
Vacation Pina Colada Ocean
Vampire Mirror Bullet
Vampire Diaries Vampire YouTube
Vanity Pride Love
Vantablack Mirror Black
Vase House Pottery
Vegas Shark America
Vegeta Goku Earth
Venus Planet Fog
Venus Flytrap Monster Flower
Vietnam Cannabis War
Vikings Land Fjord
Village Family Family
Vine Glue Plant
Vintage Time Wine
Virus Hacker Internet
Volcano Mountain Earth
Vomit Burnt Toast Sick
Wall Trump Party
Walkman Radio Transistor
War China Japan
Warlock Warrior Weapon
Warrior Amazon War
Wave Water Wind
Weapon Fire Tool
Weather Wisdom Storm
Wedding Wine Castle
Wedding Ring Iron Marriage
Weed Hacker Plant
Were-lion Werewolf Lion
Were-turkey Werewolf Turkey
Werewolf Garden Moon
Wheat Crop Farmer
Wind Farm Windmill Windmill
Windmill Engine Wind
Window Glass Glass
Wind Turbine Wind Farm Wind Farm
Wine Plant Alcohol
Wisdom Owl Smoke
Wish Genie Lamp
Witch Tree Spell
Witch Hut Witch Witch
Wizard Paladin Witch
Wizard Tower Wizard Wizard
Wolf Animal Forest
Wolf Pack Wolf Wolf
Woman Man Love
Wood Tree Forest
Word Letter Letter
Workshop Tool Building
Wormhole Black Hole Black Home
Wrapper Chocolate Paper
Wreck Car Nuke
Yeti Blizzard Monster
Yggdrasil Tree of Life Titan
Yin Yang Phoenix Dragon
Yoda Star Wars Chocolate
Yoshi Mario Dinosaur
Yoshi Egg Yoshi Yoshi
YouTube Geysir Internet
YouTuber YouTube Baby
Zambia Africa Victoria Falls
Zebra Stripes Stripes
Zen Garden Yin Yang Garden
Zero Number Fire
Zeus Titan Wind
Zombie Human Explosion
Zoo Penguin Park
Zookeeper Zoo Star
1 Number Jesus
2 1 1
3 2 1
4 Number Ash
5 Number 4
6 Fire 5
7 Kanye West Number
8 Number Mountain
9 High Five 4
10 Number Monster

Not seeing a particular recipe? Start experimenting and see if you can discover it before we do.

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