Europe loses 3 slots at next CS2 Major after heroic performances from Brazil and Asia at PGL Copenhagen

The first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen is far from over, but the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions have successfully completed their task of reducing the overwhelming European presence at the next Major.

With three separate Brazilian rosters in paiN, Imperial, and FURIA reaching the Elimination Stage of the PGL Copenhagen Major alongside The MongolZ from Mongolia, the regional slot distribution for the next CS2 Major shifts dramatically.

The MongolZ celebrate at PGL Copenhagen
A victory for The MongolZ is a victory for Asia-Pacific. Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via PGL

Americas, who’s slot total equals the region’s default three slots plus the number of teams that qualify for the Elimination Stage, will send seven teams to the Perfect World Major in Shanghai later this year. These seven slots come from the three default Americas slots, Complexity directly qualifying for the Elimination Stage via the RMR, and the three previously mentioned Brazilian teams advancing through the Opening Stage.

The MongolZ qualifying for the Opening Stage will also send an additional third slot at the next Major to the Asia-Pacific region, adding an extra spot to the default two that the region owns.

This change is worthy of celebration in both regions. For the first time since the inception of the Regional Major Rankings system, Asia-Pacific will send more than two teams to a Major. The last time three teams from Asia-Pacific made a Major was StarLadder Berlin 2019. Seven teams will be the most Americas has sent to a Major since the RMR inception, and the most the region has ever sent to a Major since MLG Columbus in 2016.

With the additions to Americas and Asia-Pacific, that naturally means subtractions from the total number of European teams at the next Major, which drops from 17 to 14. The 14 figure comes from the three default slots, the seven teams that directly qualified for the Elimination Stage through RMRs, plus the four teams that advanced past the Opening Stage.

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