PGL Copenhagen Major 2024: Schedule, results, and more

Counter-Strike 2’s first Major has finally arrived. 24 teams have converged in the Danish capital for the hotly-anticipated PGL Copenhagen Major and a shot at the lion’s share of a $1.25 million prize pool and the title of Major Champions.

Eight of the world’s best have a week off after a grueling RMR circuit with the last 16 squads first fighting out the Opening Stage of the Major. Only eight can proceed to the Elimination Stage and a shot at Major Glory.

Of the 16 teams that make the Elimination Stage, eight proceed to the Playoffs, where we’ll work our way through the single elimination bracket to find our first CS2 Major champion.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024: Match schedule, results, standings, and more.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 format

Photo taken of Cloud9's CS2 team during BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023. The players are all wearing Cloud9's white and blue jersey and giving hand shakes.
Cloud9 are heavy favorites to go 3-0 and qualify for the Elimination Stage. Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via BLAST

The Opening Stage of the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major is one of three separate stages. Previously these stages were known as the Challenger, Legend, and Champion stages, but they’ve since been renamed. The Opening Stage is essentially the Challenger Stage of old and acts at culling the field from 24 teams to 16.

The 16 contestants have been seeded into a Swiss stage, where teams play an opponent that shares the same record (e.g. if a team’s record is 0-1, they play another team with a 0-1 record). The Swiss stage is simple: Win three games and you’re through to the Elimination Stage, lose three and you’re out.

All 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, and 1-1 matches are best-of-one meaning a single slip-up from a top seed will cost them—and their Pick’Em fans—a chance at qualifying early. Any progression or elimination matches are best-of-three.

By the end of the stage, the eight qualifiers will be reseeded into the Elimination Stage with the eight invites, where they’ll play out another identical Swiss stage. The top eight will qualify for the Playoffs, where they’ll battle through a reseeded single-elimination bracket until only one team remains standing.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Elimination Stage schedule and results

Elimination Stage Standings

The top eight were seeded directly into the Elimination Stage and will be joined by the eight qualifiers from the Opening Stage. Here are the standings for the PGL Copenhagen Major Elimination Stage.

Placement Team Record
First FaZe Clan 0-0
Second Team Spirit 0-0
Third Team Vitality 0-0
Fourth MOUZ 0-0
Fifth Complexity 0-0
Sixth 0-0
Seventh NAVI 0-0
Eighth G2 Esports 0-0
Ninth Cloud9 0-0
10th Heroic 0-0
11th Eternal Fire 0-0
12th ECSTATIC 0-0
13th paiN Gaming 0-0
14th Imperial Esports 0-0
15th The MongolZ 0-0
16th FURIA 0-0

All match times below are in Central Time (CT) and are subject to change.

Thursday, March 21

Round One (0-0)

  • 7am: MOUZ vs. ECSTATIC
  • 7am: NAVI vs. MongolZ
  • 8am: Vitality vs. Eternal Fire
  • 8am: vs. Imperial
  • 9am: FaZe vs. Heroic
  • 9am: Complexity vs. paiN
  • 10am: Spirit vs. Cloud9
  • 10am: G2 vs. FURIA

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Opening Stage schedule and results

Opening Stage Standings

Here are the standings and records for the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Opening Stage. Keep in mind again: Three wins mean qualification, three losses mean elimination.

Placement Team Record
First Heroic 3-0
Second Cloud9 3-0
Third Eternal Fire 3-1
Fourth ECSTATIC 3-1
Fifth paiN Gaming 3-1
Sixth TheMongolz 3-2
Seventh Imperial 3-2
Eighth FURIA 3-2
Ninth SAW 2-3
10th Legacy 2-3
11th GamerLegion 2-3
12th ENCE 1-3
13th Apeks 1-3
14th Lynn Vision 1-3
15th KOI 0-3
16th AMKAL 0-3
FalleN from FURIA fist bumps a teammate at the Copehagen Major Americas RMR.
Can FalleN and FURIA get Brazil through to the Elimination Stage? Photo via PGL

All match times below are in Central Time (CT) and are subject to change.

Sunday, March 17

Round One (0-0)

  • 7am: Cloud9 13-10 ECSTATIC (Ancient)
  • 7am: Eternal Fire 13-6 The MongolZ (Nuke)
  • 8am: Imperial 22-19 ENCE (Anubis)
  • 8am: paiN 13-8 Apeks (Vertigo)
  • 9am: GamerLegion 13-8 AMKAL (Overpass)
  • 9am: Heroic 13-5 Lynn Vision (Nuke)
  • 10am: Legacy 16-13 FURIA (Ancient)
  • 10am: SAW 13-4 KOI (Nuke)

Round Two (0-1, 1-0)

  • 12pm: Eternal Fire 13-2 paiN (Anubis)
  • 12pm: ECSTATIC 13-10 The MongolZ (Nuke)
  • 1pm: HEROIC 16-14 Imperial (Mirage)
  • 1pm: Apeks 16-13 AMKAL (Overpass)
  • 2pm: C9 13-10 Legacy (Overpass)
  • 2pm: ENCE 16-12 KOI (Nuke)
  • 3pm: SAW 13-9 GamerLegion (Vertigo)
  • 3pm: Lynn Vision 13-9 FURIA (Nuke)

Monday, March 18

Round Three (1-1 Pool)

  • 7am: Imperial 13-7 Apeks (Overpass)
  • 7am: pAIN 13-3 ENCE (Nuke)
  • 8am: GamerLegion 13-4 Legacy (Vertigo)
  • 8am: ECSTATIC 13-8 Lynn Vision (Overpass)

Round Three (0-2 Pool)

  • 9am: Mongolz 2-1 AMKAL
    • Mongolz win 13-2 on Nuke.
    • AMKAL win 13-8 on Mirage.
    • Mongolz win 13-10 on Inferno.
    • AMKAL is eliminated.
  • 12pm: FURIA 2-0 KOI
    • FURIA win 13-6 on Overpass.
    • FURIA win 13-9 on Vertigo.
    • KOI is eliminated.

Round Three (2-0 Pool)

  • 9am: Heroic 2-0 Eternal Fire
    • Heroic win 16-14 on Vertigo.
    • Heroic win 13-7 on Mirage.
    • Heroic advances to Elimination Stage.
  • 12pm: Cloud9 2-0 SAW
    • Cloud9 win 19-17 on Nuke.
    • Cloud9 win 13-9 on Anubis.
    • Cloud9 advances to Elimination Stage.

Tuesday, March 19

Round Four (2-1 Pool; winners advance to next stage)

  • 7am: Eternal Fire 2-1 GamerLegion
    • GamerLegion win 13-4 on Overpass.
    • Eternal Fire win 13-2 on Inferno.
    • Eternal Fire win 13-11 on Vertigo.
    • Eternal Fire advances to Elimination Stage.
  • 10am: paiN 2-0 SAW
    • paiN win 13-10 on Vertigo.
    • paiN win 13-7 on Nuke.
    • paiN advances to Elimination Stage.
  • 1pm: ECSTATIC 2-1 Imperial
    • ECSTATIC win 13-4 on Anubis.
    • Imperial win 13-10 on Inferno.
    • ECSTATIC win 13-9 on Vertigo.
    • ECSTATIC advances to Elimination Stage.

Round Four (1-2 Pool; losers are eliminated)

  • 7am: The MongolZ 2-0 Lynn Vision
    • MongolZ win 13-8 on Ancient.
    • MongolZ win 13-6 on Anubis.
    • Lynn Vision are eliminated.
  • 10am: Legacy 2-0 Apeks
    • Legacy win 13-7 on Ancient.
    • Legacy win 13-7 on Inferno.
    • Apeks are eliminated.
  • 1pm: FURIA 2-0 ENCE
    • FURIA win 13-8 on Mirage.
    • FURIA win 13-9 on Ancient.
    • ENCE are eliminated.

March 20, day four

Round Five (2-2 pool, winners advance to next stage, losers are eliminated)

  • TheMongolZ 2-0 Legacy
    • TheMongolZ win 13-9 on Ancient.
    • TheMongolZ win 13-6 on Anubis.
    • TheMongolz advance to Elimination Stage, Legacy are eliminated.
  • Imperial 2-1 GamerLegion
    • GamerLegion win 13-12 on Overpass.
    • Imperial win 13-6 on Mirage.
    • Imperial win 13-5 on Nuke.
    • Imperial advance to Elimination Stage, GamerLegion are eliminated.
  • FURIA 2-0 SAW
    • FURIA win 13-7 on Vertigo.
    • FURIA win 13-7 on Ancient.
    • FURIA advance to Elimination Stage, SAW are eliminated.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 streams: How to watch

The PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major 2024 will be broadcast live on numerous platforms including Twitch and YouTube. Sessions with multiple matches at the same time will split the series across two channels. The Major will also be broadcast in multiple languages: Head to the event’s Liquipedia page for a full list of languages available.

If you missed the matches, full replays and VODs will be available on each channel shortly after the matchday concludes.

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