All Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes rewards with Treasure Shovel tokens

A massive 43-milestone Monopoly GO event called Firework Fortunes will run from July 4 to 8 alongside the new Sunset Treasures Dig main event.

Featuring Pickaxe tokens, Stickers, and flash events like Bank Heist, the event is a great way to stock up on rewards. Here’s how to get the most out of all the Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes rewards.

All Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes rewards and milestones

Firework Fortunes milestones Points to unlock milestones Firework Fortunes rewards
One Five Three Pickaxe tokens
Two 10 30 Dice rolls
Three 15 Cash
Four 45 Five Pickaxe tokens
Five 20 Green Sticker pack
Six 25 50 Dice rolls
Seven 35 Four Pickaxe tokens
Eight 145 220 Dice rolls
Nine 35 Four Pickaxe tokens
10 40 Orange Sticker pack
11 45 Five Pickaxe tokens
12 350 400 Dice rolls
13 45 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
14 60 Seven Pickaxe tokens
15 70 Orange Sticker pack
16 500 500 Dice rolls
17 70 Eight Pickaxe tokens
18 85 Pink Sticker pack
19 100 10 Pickaxe tokens
20 1,100 1,000 Dice rolls
21 130 12 Pickaxe tokens
22 110 Cash
23 150 Pink Sticker pack
24 350 500 Dice rolls
25 220 15 Pickaxe tokens
26 280 Blue Sticker pack
27 1,600 1,500 Dice rolls
28 380 18 Pickaxe tokens
29 450 Blue Sticker pack
30 650 700 Dice rolls
31 750 22 Pickaxe tokens
32 1,900 1,800 Dice rolls
33 1,300 Purple Sticker pack
34 650 20 Pickaxe tokens
35 1,200 Cash
36 2,700 2,100 Dice rolls
37 1,100 Blue Sticker pack
38 1,200 30 Pickaxe tokens
39 2,200 Cash
40 3,500 2,800 Dice rolls
41 1,300 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
42 1,750 Blue Sticker pack
43 6,000 6,500 Dice rolls and Purple Sticker pack

The total Pickaxe tokens within the Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes milestones are 163. This is enough Pickaxes to unlock at least half of the Sunset Treasures levels and rewards. Completing the solo event will also earn you 18,100 dice rolls and 10 Sticker packs.

What’s different about Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes milestones and rewards?

Mr Monopoly and Scottie launching fireworks in Monopoly GO
Score the best rewards over four days. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Most Monopoly GO solo events that last four days have at least 50 milestones, but not the Firework Foturnes event. Across the 43 milestones, there’s a Bank Heist but no High Roller flash event. A five-star Purple Sticker pack is also available early through milestone 33.

The biggest change within Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes milestones is the massive dice roll rewards at milestones 20, 27, 32, and 36. It’s unusual to see dice roll rewards like these, and it may seem daunting when playing. But remember, you have four days to earn rewards from the Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes event.

How to maximize Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes rewards

The solo event, Firework Fortunes, uses Pickup tokens on the Monopoly GO board to provide you with two points toward unlocking milestones. Increase your dice multiplier to earn more points. I like to roll at consistent multipliers, specifically 50x during a Pickup event like Firework Fortunes.

Take advantage of daily special Monopoly GO events like High Roller to increase your points toward unlocking milestones and Builder’s Bash to stock up on free dice rolls. Use the tournaments running during the Sunset Treasures event to increase your Pickaxe token count.

Don’t worry about finishing the Monopoly GO Firework Fortunes event as the points needed to unlock rewards are very high toward the end. My goal is to hit milestone 38 and, at the very least, milestone 33 for the Purple Sticker pack.

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