Zenless Zone Zero – Best Ellen build in ZZZ

One of the best S-tier characters to roll for in Zenless Zone Zero is Ellen Joe, a half-shark half-human who works for the Victoria Housekeeping Co. while also chopping down monsters in your various team compositions.

Ellen uses her powerful attacks to apply Ice damage with a plethora of her skills, whether she’s zipping around the battlefield with her Roaming Hunt movement, bringing the pain with her Flash Freeze passive, or raining down frozen destruction with her ultimate, Endless Winter.

There are also some great W-Engines and Disc Drives to supplement her powers that will enhance her ice-cold strengths to be a frozen menace to anyone who stands in your way.

For any prospective shark connoisseurs looking to take over the Hollow, here is the best Ellen build in ZZZ.

Best Ellen Joe builds in Zenless Zone Zero

Best W-Engine for Ellen: Deep Sea Visitor

Deep Sea Visitor in ZZZ
Look out for the fin. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Deep Sea Visitor is an S-tier W-Engine that elevates Ellen’s power since it increases all Ice damage by 25 percent, while also increasing critical strike percentage when hitting enemies with basic attacks. When Ellen uses an Ice-based attack with a dash, her critical strike rate will also increase for a short period.

It’s almost like this W-Engine is made for her and her abilities since she uses dash strikes and plenty of basic attacks in her normal attack cadence.

Best Drive Disk for Ellen: 4x Polar Metal and 2x Shockstar Disco

In a similar vein, Polar Metal is the best Drive Disk for Ellen since it feels tailor-made for her abilities and her natural attack pattern. With a set of four, it not only increases basic and dash attack damage—which is her main form of damage—but it also increases the Freeze effect for a longer period of time against her enemies.

Shockstar Disco, on the other hand, is the secondary set you can add to Ellen’s Drive Disks, but you’ll only be able to have two of them equipped alongside Polar Metal. This will, however, increase your Impact, causing enemies to take more Daze when you’ve hit them with a proper attack.

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