How to get and use Energy Activators in The First Descendant

You’ll be hunting for a lot of resources and items in The First Descendant, and they’re all important to help improve your characters. Some of the tougher ones to track down are Energy Activators, which you won’t have to worry about until later in the game.

There are a few ways you can go about finding Energy Activators. You won’t have to worry about them until you progress further in The First Descendant, but as you get closer to needing stronger characters, Energy Activators become much more vital. Here’s what you need to know about getting Energy Activators and using them in The First Descendant.

How to get Energy Activators in The First Descendant

Where to craft Energy Activators in The First Descendant
Make your way to Albion to have them crafted. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can only unlock Energy Activators by crafting them in The First Descendant. These are made available by speaking with Anais, on the east side of Albion. Anais is your Magister who works alongside you, crafting research items that you can use to aid you in your effort. It might be a similar process to those who have unlocked weapons and blueprints while playing Warframe.

Energy Activators crafting components in The First Descendant
Track down all crafting components to make an Energy Activator. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are multiple items Anais requires from you to craft an Energy Activator in The First Descendant. You need to track these items down in multiple locations, so you want to start hunting for them as you get further in the game. You might want to use a Booster when you’re working on gathering up these materials.

  • 25 Conductive Metallic Foils – Has the chance to drop from opening Encrypted Storage Boxes or Encrypted Vaults
  • One Energy Activator Blueprint – Has the chance to drop from opening Amorphous Materials
  • 55 Heat Plasma Battery – Has the drop off enemies in Hagios
  • 55 Low-Carbon Activator – Has the chance to drop from Fallen Theatre in Kingston
  • 72 Polyatomic Ion Particle – Has the drop from enemies defeated in Fortress
  • 750,000 Gold

After you have all the required materials, you can go to Anais and have her craft the item for you. Her research should take roughly a day to complete before she’s ready to hand over the finished product. When you’re ready to use an Energy Activator, navigate to the Descendant Module section of your inventory and select any weapon you want to upgrade. Go into that weapon’s Module Setup section, click the additional settings, and select the max capacity up choice. This increases the maximum mod capacity of this weapon. You can only do this once.

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