Zenless Zone Zero New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass – All rewards, plans, and tasks

If all those commissions, medals, and missing cargo locations aren’t enough to keep you busy, then Zenless Zone Zero has yet another feature for you: The New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass.

With three Plans to choose from, plenty of daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks to complete, and several rewards, the New Eriudu City Fund Battle Pass is a fantastic feature in Zenless Zone Zero. That said, if you’re balancing ZZZ with other games with battle passes, it can be difficult to grasp how it works or decide whether the Growth or Premium Plans are actually worth it. In this guide, I’ll go over everything you need to know about the New Eridu Fund Battle Pass in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to Unlock the New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass

Tasks of the New Eridu Battle Pass ZZZ
Lots of things to do for New Eridu City. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To unlock the New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass in Zenless Zone Zero, complete the Explosive Last Train mission in Chapter One. You’ll likely be around Inter-Knot Level 10 when you reach this point.

The New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass has a mix of daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks that earn you EXP and other rewards. This EXP helps you climb the 50 levels of the pass, each requiring 1000 EXP. That’s a whopping 50,000 EXP in total.

Should You Buy the Growth or Premium Plan for the New Eridu City Fund?

Plans of the New Eridu Battle Pass ZZZ
Is this battle pass worth your real life money? Screenshot by Dot Esports

You start at the Basic Plan (free) and can upgrade to either the Growth Plan or go all out with the Premium Plan in Zenless Zone Zero.

Unless you have an unhealthy attachment to exclusive profile pictures and name cards, you don’t need the Premium Plan. The extra 10 levels are nice but unnecessary if you play regularly. The Growth Plan, on the other hand, offers some valuable boosts and exclusive items that make your life easier, but again, it’s not essential.

Let’s break each New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass Plan down.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is free. It has decent rewards but don’t expect to be rolling in top-tier loot. Here’s a list of everything you can get:

  • 30 Official Investigator Logs
  • 45 Senior Investigator Logs
  • 28 W-Engine Power Supplies
  • 30 W-Engine Energy Modules
  • Five Boopon
  • Five Bangboo Algorithm Modules
  • Nine Bangboo System Widgets
  • Six Ether Batteries
  • 300,000 Dennies
  • Five Master Tapes
  • One Hamster Cage Pass
  • One Tuning Calibrator

Growth Plan

The Growth Plan costs $9.99 USD. It’s better than Basic, offering high-tier items, Tactical Chips, and exclusive W-Engines. Here’s a list of everything you can get:

  • 177 Senior Investigator Logs
  • 118 W-Engine Energy Modules
  • 32 Bangboo System Widgets
  • Five Boopon
  • Six Ether Batteries
  • 900,000 Dennies
  • Four Encrypted Master Tapes
  • One Hmaster Cage Pass
  • 780 Polychrome
  • 10 Hi-Fi Master Copies
  • 312 Original Chips
  • One Great Builder’s Certificate

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan costs $19.99 USD. It grants everything in the Growth Plan plus 10 instant Battle Pass levels, a character profile picture, extra Ether Batteries, 200 Polychrome, and a Lucky Scratcher for Howl in Sixth Street.

All Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Tasks in the New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass

Rewards of the New Eridu Battle Pass ZZZ
Shiny rewards. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Now that you’ve unlocked the New Eridu City Fund Battle Pass and maybe even decided on a plan, let’s talk about the tasks you must complete to earn the rewards in Zenless Zone Zero.

Daily Tasks

  • Log In: 100 EXP
  • Obtain 18,000 Dennies: 200 EXP
  • Spend 160 Battery Charge: 200 EXP
  • Research 400 Engagement in Errands: 300 EXP

Total: 800 EXP per day, meaning 5,600 EXP per week just from dailies.

Weekly Tasks

  • Complete Combat Simulation stages 10 times: 1,000 EXP
  • Complete a Hollow Zero combat once: 1,000 EXP
  • Complete one Notorious Hunt: 1,000 EXP
  • Complete Routine Cleanup stages 5 times: 1,000 EXP
  • Spend a total of 200,000 Dennies: 1,000 EXP
  • Spend a total of 1,200 Battery Charge: 1,000 EXP

Total: 6,000 EXP per week. You only need to complete five out of six tasks to hit the weekly cap of 10,000 EXP.

Season Tasks

  • Complete Main Story Chapter Three: 1,600 EXP
  • Earn 20,000 Investigation Points in Hollow Zero: 1,600 EXP
  • In Shiyu Defense, achieve S-Rank rating across 6 Frontiers: 2,400 EXP
  • Signal Search a total of 50 times: 2,400 EXP

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