All MTG Arena Bloomburrow Mastery Pass rewards

The newest Magic: The Gathering Bloomburrow set is dropping into MTG Arena, with a Mastery Pass featuring 60 levels, gems, gold, and a new Mastery Emporium. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can earn.

What rewards are in the MTG Arena Bloomburrow Mastery Pass?

The MTG Bloomburrow Mastery Pass on MTG Arena contains 60 levels of rewards. You can earn a total of 20 card packs, along with eight card sleeves, gold, gems, and card styles.

MTG Arena product Bloomburrow rewards
Booster packs 20 in total: Four Bloomburrow, four Outlaws of Thunder Junction, four Murders at Karlov Manor, four The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, and four Wilds of Eldraine booster packs
Individual Card Rewards (ICR) 10 Bloomburrow Mythic Rare IRCs. After level 60, one Uncommon IRC for each additional level unlocked
Main card sleeves Three card sleeve rewards: Otter Offspring, Dawn’s Truce (exquisite sleeve), and Renewal (2024 sleeve)
Card styles 15 Common, 10 Uncommon, and 32 Mastery Orbs
Event tokens One Draft token for Premier or Traditional Draft
Gold 4,000
Gems 1,200
Compainions Companions
Avatar Hugs Avatar

What is the MTG Arena Mastery Emporium?

MTG Nissa Who Shakes the World anime art Bloomburrow
Use Mastery Orbs to get the cosmetics you want. Image via WotC

The Mastery Emporium within Bloomburrow is an alternative version of the previous Mastery Tree. Instead of only card sleeves or card styles on a tree you pick in a specific order, you can now use Mastery Orbs to unlock any reward. Some rewards cost one Mastery Orb while others cost two.

Here are all the Mastery Emporium rewards in MTG Arena, according to WotC.

Mastery Emporium rewards costing two Mastery Orbs

  • Elspeth, Sun’s Champion Valley sleeve
  • Jace, the Mind Sculptor Valley sleeve
  • Liliana, Dreadhorde General Valley sleeve
  • Domri, Anarch of Bolas Valley sleeve
  • Nissa, Who Shakes the World Valley sleeve
  • Four Sorin Markov cards

Mastery Emporium rewards costing one Mastery Orb

  • Season of the Burrow card style
  • Season of Weaving card style
  • Season of Loss card style
  • Season of the Bold card style
  • Season of Gathering card style
  • Essence Channeler card style
  • Azure Beastbinder card style
  • Osteomancer Adept card style
  • Hearthborn Battler card style
  • Keen-Eyed Curator card style
  • Valley Questcaller card style
  • Valley Floodcaller card style
  • Valley Rotcaller card style
  • Valley Flamecaller card style
  • Valley Mightcaller card style
  • Lupinflower Village card style
  • Lilypad Village card style
  • Mudflat Village card style
  • Rockface Village card style
  • Oakhollow Village card style
  • Lifecreed Duo card style
  • Lightshell Duo card style
  • Glidedive Duo card style
  • Kindlespark Duo card style
  • Bakersbane Duo card style

Is the MTG Arena Bloomburrow Mastery Pass free?

The MTG Arena Bloomburrow Mastery Pass is not free, costing 3,400 gems. But there is a free-to-play pass called Set Mastery. The rewards in the Set Mastery are located throughout the 60 Mastery Pass levels but are free for everyone. Here is what you can unlock as a free-to-play player through the Set Mastery in MTG Arena.

  • 24 Bloomburrow booster packs
  • Five Mastery Orbs

When is the MTG Arena Bloomburrow Mastery Pass available?

The MTG Arena Mastery Pass for Bloomburrow will be available for purchase when the new Standard-legal set launches digitally on July 30. But you don’t have to purchase it right away. Progression is through XP earned from daily wins and quests. The Mastery Pass can be purchased at any time throughout the Bloomburrow season, so if you don’t earn enough XP, you have options.

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