Pokémon Go Fest 2024: Global Beast Balls unlocked as community completes huge Raid challenge

Beast Balls are officially unlocked for Pokémon Go Fest 2024: Global after the community completed over 30 million Raid Battles during the Inbound from Ultra Space event.

During Go Fest 2024: Global, between July 13 and 14, any Ultra Beast Raids that appear during the weekend now have Beast Balls instead of the usual Premier Balls, making the prospect of catching an Ultra Beast pretty much a guarantee per raid.

Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma in Pokémon Go.
Necrozma time. Image via Niantic

For those that don’t know what a Beast Ball is, Beast Balls significantly increase the chance of catching Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go, effectively making it near-impossible not to grab an Ultra Beast Pokémon.

It has been nearly a year since Beast Balls last appeared, and with more Ultra Beasts and, more importantly, a lot more Shiny forms of Ultra Beasts to grab, having Beast Balls at your disposal increases the odds are getting those perfect stat Pokémon to add to your collection.

Beast Balls aren’t the only reward trainers can earn during this week. When Go Fest starts on Saturday, new Global Challenges spawn, and by completing a bunch of them every hour, trainers unlock new Pokémon and special events over the rest of July.

Trainers have also unlocked an additional ability for completing over 30 million raids, with Party Play Power charging faster during Go Fest when people group up with friends over the weekend. It should make raiding a lot easier overall for everyone involved.

So get together trainers, team up, and let’s see what Niantic has to offer for us for July and beyond!

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