All Radtoad locations in Fallout 76

Radtoads are Fallout 76’s version of giant mutated toads with trypophobia-inducing eyes, two extra limbs, and exploding eggs. These creatures hop around the swamps and forests of Appalachia.

While they are much easier to deal with than Yao Guais or Deathclaws, you still need to know their precise spawn locations to hunt them for your Daily or Weekly quests in Fallout 76.

Where to find a Radtoad in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Radtoad spawn locations annotated on the map
Radtoads galore. Remixed by Dot Esports

Grafton Dam

Grafton Dam, a towering monument to the pre-war industry in the Toxic Valley, is a hotspot for Radtoad activity. The contaminated water and surrounding irradiated landscape provide the perfect habitat for these mutated amphibians. You can find around five Radtoads lurking near the water’s edge or patrolling the dam itself. However, be prepared for a challenge—Grafton is a higher-level area, so these Radtoads might pack a punch.  

The Sludge Hole

Venturing south into the Savage Divide, you’ll find the aptly named Sludge Hole. This small, irradiated outpost, located near Wendigo Cave, is a reliable location to encounter a couple of Radtoads. The good news? The foe density here is lower compared to Grafton Dam, making it a more manageable option for newer players. Take down these irradiated amphibians and enjoy the slightly less chaotic environment while gathering resources.

Radtoads also occasionally spawn at Beckwith Farm, a location immediately south of The Sludge Hole.

Event spawns

Radtoad hunting isn’t limited to static locations. You can target-farm specific events where these creatures appear en masse. 

The Path to Enlightenment event, held at Landview Lighthouse in The Forest, features a wave of Radtoads alongside other enemies. This event provides a fun twist on Radtoad hunting and lets you eliminate them alongside other players.

Similarly, the wacky Fasnacht Day event is also a good opportunity to encounter some Radtoads. During the first wave of enemies, you face off against a horde of Radtoads alongside the usual Fasnacht creatures. This chaotic event in Helvetia offers another opportunity to gather some Radtoad loot.

Although not a guaranteed spawn, Radtoads can also appear during the Tea Time event at The Giant Teapot, near the water tower.

How to get a critical hit on a Radtoad in Fallout 76

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Fill up your V.A.T.S. Crit meter. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You might sometimes get a Daily Challenge that sends you to “Deal a Critical Hit to a Radtoad.” For this, head to one of the suggested spawn locations and target a Radtoad in V.A.T.S. mode to fill your Crit meter. Once it’s filled, dispatch a critical hit with the corresponding hotkey inside V.A.T.S. mode.

To make this easier, you can utilize weapons with the Legendary Effect called “Lucky,” which accelerates the Crit meter’s regeneration process by 15 percent.

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