All Transcendent Descendant Modules in The First Descendant

On their own, The First Descendant‘s main characters and their abilities are varied but quite weak. This all changes when you slap on Descendant Modules that massively enhance your Descendant and their abilities.

Transcendent Descendant Modules are the rarest of the bunch and completely alter how you play each Descendant. Do you want to give up AoE damage for a single-target burst? How about a drop in damage output but a massive support upgrade for you and your allies? Each Transcendent Descendant Module boosts and completely changes how you can play The First Descendant.

The best part? You can swap and change them as you like—the only restriction is that you can’t use more than one at a time. Otherwise, you’re free to retool your build to best suit the Transcendant Module you want. You’ve also got to get your hands on one first.

Here’s a full list of each Transcendent Descendant Module in The First Descendant.


All Transcendent Descendant Modules for each Descendant

Three characters fighting together in The First Descendant.
Use Transcendent Modules to change up your game. Image via Nexon Games


Module Details
Void Explosion Modifies Expulsion to a stackable skill, reduces Charged Sub Attack Cooldown, and increases damage upon using Expulsion.
Void Charge Modifies Void Walk and Expulsion damage to increase proportionally to DEF. When used as an Enhanced Skill, its cooldown resets.
Matrix Recomputation Modifies Expulsion to grant a buff that helps allies survive.
Body Enhancement Void Energy is no longer available through Event Horizon. Ajax’s DEF and Shield are increased proportionally to Ajax’s Max HP.
Ultimate Ajax
Life Barrier
Modifies Orbit Barrier and Hyper Cube barrier to only be affected by the caster’s HP.
Ultimate Ajax
Void Barrier
Modifies Orbit Barrier to be portable. Changes barrier to be affected only by the caster’s Skill Power.


Module Details
Incendiary Bomb Throws a projectile forward that spawns a Flame Zone where it lands.
Truly Deadly Cuisine Significantly increases the damage of Giant Fireball but no longer spawns small Fireballs or Flame Zones on cast.
Backdraft Flame Zone absorption significantly increases Weak Point DMG and Firearm ATK instead of Skill Power.
Classic Chef Modifies the increase to Skill Critical Hit Rate to five based on the Flame Zone count. Using Deadly Cuisine increases Flame Zone count to four.


Module Details
Electric Condense Changes Maximum Power into a form that causes damage around Bunny in an AoE.
Electric Transition Decreases Electricity Charge amount during Speed of Light, but recovers Shield continuously based on distance traveled.
Superconductor Adds an effect that reduces the enemy’s ATK to the Electrocution effect that Bunny inflicts.
Bionic Fuel Decreases the Speed of Light, but consumes HP instead of MP.
Ultimate Bunny
Electric Charge
Increases landing damage after Rabbit Foot’s Double Jump. Double Jump does extra damage after hitting enemies with the skill multiple times.
Ultimate Bunny
Reduces the number of enemies that Thrill Bomb and Lightning Emission can strike, but enhances range and damage.


Module Details
Supply Tactical Armor Whenever Enzo buffs an ally, he grants himself and all allies damage resistance and movement speed.
Supply Firearm Enhancer Summons a Firearm Enhancement Device. Touching the device grants Weak Point DMG and Firearm Crit Rate.
Reinforce Front Line Spawns a Front Line Reinforcement Device that boosts Firearm damage to allies nearby.
Focus Fire Attaches a Combat Drone to himself. When landing a critical hit, the drone’s duration is increased. Increases the Max Stack of Explosive Drone.


Module Details
Explosive Evade Spawns a Guided Landmine when rolling.
Cluster Bomb Detonating an attached bomb created additional explosives nearby.
Explosive Propaganda Generate Explosive Propaganda, which taunts nearby enemies until destroyed. When destroyed, it explodes and deals great damage.
Creative Explosion After dashing, all available bombs are used to deal great damage to enemies nearby. The more bombs, the higher the damage.


Module Details
Contagion When an enemy inflicted with Room 0 Trauma is killed, a contagion of Poison is summoned affecting nearby enemies.
Toxic Stimulation Plague Bodyarmor now applies to nearby allies as well.
Venom Synthesis Putrid Venom skill conversion: Leaves behind a Toxic Footprint after every step. Inflicts Poison on enemies who come in contact with Toxic Footprint.
Neurotoxin Synthesis Room 0 Trauma no longer spreads Poison, but affected enemies now deal less damage and weakens HP regen.


Module Details
Super Senses Maximize Lethality enhanced: Fire Rate is fixed but the effect’s duration is increased.
Massive Sanguification Modifies Life Siphon to alow absorption of Life Orbs during Non-Frenzied state.
Predator Instinct Firearm damage is increased while Frenzied.
Blood and Iron Life Orbs are no longer acquired when using Thirst. Instead, Power of Life is obtained when Firearm Critical Hits are made.
Ultimate Gley
Explosive Life
Life Spheres spawn more often. All Life Spheres now detonate to deal damage instead of absorbing HP. Power of Life recovered based on total Spheres detonated.
Ultimate Gley
Demonic Modification
Unique Weapons have a fixed fire rate. HP is consumed based on the duration of True Aim. Bullets deal bonus damage equal to the HP consumed. Attacking weak points increases the chance of HP Recovery.


Module Details
Collision Instinct Loses bonus DEF when using Dash. After dashing, enemies knocked back are stunned.
Self-Directed Eruption Consumes Magnetic Force every second when used to pull enemies in front of Kyle. Deals great damage to nearby enemies when the skill ends.
Diamagnetic Bulwark Magnetic Bulwark no longer grants projectile defense. Instead, enemies are knocked back on contact. Recovers Magnetic Force based on the number of knockbacks.
Superconductive Bombing While airborne, continuously use Magnetic Force to drop bombs nearby.


Module Details
Turret Engineering When using a skill, all surrounding turrets gain HP and duration. Turrets can no longer switch to Enhanced mode.
Immediate Purge Code When using a skill, all turrets are destroyed in an explosion. Creates a lightning AoE that deals damage over time where the turrets exploded.
Medical Compulsion When using a skill, a Healing Turret is summoned.
Attacking Compulsion When using a skill, an Assault Turret is summoned.


Module Details
Increased Efficiency MP is no longer consumed when a Unique Weapon is active. Instead, MP is used when the Unique Weapon is used. Critical Hits with a Unique Weapon recover MP.
Power Unit Change Overclock no longer increases Skill Power. Firearm ATK boosted instead.
Regenerative Braking Grants a chance to recover MP when using a skill.
Nerve Infiltration Overclock no longer inflicts Burn, instead enemies HP regen is reduced.
Ultimate Lepic
Explosive Stacks
Grenade Throw gains two additional charges. A charge is recovered after Firearm ammo is consumed.
Ultimate Lepic
Firearm Master
Reloading a weapon increases Skill Range. Changing weapons increases Skill Power.


Module Details
Release Cutting Force Modifies Cutoff Beam, unleashed as Sword Aura.
Overcharged Edge Modifies Active Camouflage to consume Shield instead of MP. Ambush damage is increased based on amount of Shield consumed.
Void Domination Increases targeting range of Flash Shortsword. Increases enemy targeting speed.
Battlesuit Melting Rounds Gains stacks each with a cooldown. Decreases enemy Electric Resistance instead of stunning.


Module Details
Water Play Creates a rectangular shaped pool of water in front of Valby.
Supply Moisture While on water, increases Skill Crit Hit Rate, Skill Duration, and Firearm Attribute Trigger Rate.
Tidal Wave No longer leaves water trails when moving. Instead, moving near enemies inflicts Skill Damage. After the skill ends, nearby enemies explode.
Singing Water Spawns a Seduction of Water where the Unique Weapon bullet explodes. Until destroyed, ther spawn Seduction taunts nearby enemies and inflicts the Laundry effect.


Module Details
Glacial Cloud Throws a projectile that spawns a Blizzard upon landing.
Hypothermia When using a skill, enemies are inflicted with Ice Needle damage over time instead of Ice Shackle. When Ice Needle reaches a stack limit, passive skills are triggered.
Cold Snap Watch Creates a Cold Snap Zone in front that remains for a period of time. enemies entering the Cold Snap zone are inflicted with Ice Shackle and suffer damage over time.
Cold-Bloodedness When using a skill, Skill Power is increased and Skill Cost and Cooldown is increased. Frost Roads are no longer created while moving.
Ultimate Viessa
Cold Cohesion
When using a skill, Skill Power is increased and Skill Cost and Cooldown are increased. Frost Roads are no longer created while moving.
Ultimate Viessa
When using a skill, Ice Shackle is not inflicted. When the skill lands a Critical Hit, enemies receive Frostbite. Inflicting Frostbite triggers Ice Sphere.


Module Details
First Aid Kit Sets up a First Aid Kit and grants First Aid to allies.
Proliferating Allergy Inflicts Explodive Reaction. Deals damage to nearby enemies when the effect ends or the enemy dies which spreads whenever an enemy is killed.
Duty and Sacrifice Grants HP recovery to allies in the squad and party.
Efficient Treatment Recovers himself after using a skill to recover allies over a certain number of times.

How to get Transcendent Descendant Modules in The First Descendant

Each Transcendent Descendant Module has a different unlock method in The First Descendant. Some can be acquired by completing the main story missions, while others require crafting or finishing endgame activities.

To find out how to unlock each Module:

  • Open the general menu by pressing M/opening your Map.
  • Select the Access Info tab.
  • Select Module.
  • Using the search bar on the right, enter the name of the Module or a Descendant.
  • Select the Module, then select Acquisition info. All listed methods for acquiring the Module will be displayed.

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