‘Always fun to play’: VALORANT players agree this agent is the most ‘complete’

While every VALORANT agent offers diversity with unique abilities, players believe none of them are as “complete” as Gekko—and they aren’t wrong. 

As highlighted by a player on Reddit, despite failing to meet expectations with multiple agent designs, Riot Games has nailed it with Gekko. Interestingly, they believe Riot has managed to “allow more things than expected” with Gekko’s kit. To make the comparison clearer, they individually laid out the benefits of his abilities:

  • Moshpit: Deals considerable area damage and covers the largest area as a Molotov in VALORANT
  • Wingman: Acts as a scout, and if enemies are detected, stuns them. Plants or defuses the spike and will always return in 10 seconds as many times as you want when you pick up his globule.
  • Dizzy: Doesn’t blind allies, but affects enemies in the area even without them looking at it. Difficult to break as it shoots really fast. Can be used as many times as you want when you pick up her globule. 
  • Thrash: An ultimate that can be used twice in one round. It’s long-range, clears a considerable area, and detains enemies caught in its blast radius.
Gekko looking at Dizzy in VALORANT
Love how she moves and splashes our enemies blind. Image via Riot Games

Not just initiators—the community believes no other VALORANT agent offers this much flexibility. If you look at his kit as a whole and the way he works, he is certainly the most thoughtfully designed—if not the best-designed—character. 

“If I’m confused at what to play looking at the agent selection screen, I find myself clicking on Gekko at the last second. He does everything,” one player commented, summing up the fandom’s feelings in a line.

Then again, it’d be wrong to call the Angeleno a “strong” agent, although he definitely holds a significant place in the pro meta and enjoys a decent pick rate in ranked. While the ability to pick up his abilities and use them multiple times may seem powerful, Gekko is still pretty situational. 

Yes, Dizzy doesn’t blind your allies in a game where team flashing is considered a huge offense, but it also takes just one bullet to break her. Wingman can give you a two-vs-one advantage in a one-vs-one fight, but he isn’t invincible. You can predict and dodge Moshpit’s damage. And finally, you need skills to control Thrash and get value out of her. Worst of all, none of the abilities are reusable if you don’t pick up those globules.

Despite the disadvantages, Riot deserves credit for coming up with a fun, creative, and fan-approved design like Gekko’s for VALORANT.

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