Sega leaker hints at classic Sonic mode’s return, and fans are ecstatic

A reputable leaker hinted at the upcoming return of Sonic Adventure Battle 2‘s beloved Chao Garden game mode.

The leaker has accurately leaked early information on other Sega titles like the Persona series, developed by Sega subsidiary Atlus. On June 7, Midori tweeted that Sonic the Hedgehog fans should “Please look forward to the future of Chao.”

The tweet features a baby blue heart emoji, and baby blue is the primary color of the iconic default Chao design. The responses to Midori’s tweet are primarily fans ecstatically speculating that this means the upcoming Sonic X Shadow Generations game will contain a Chao Garden mode. Midori didn’t go into detail outside of the initial vague tweet, meaning “The future of Chao” could refer to a different game entirely.

It’s worth noting that the original Sonic Generations featured no alternate mode like Chao Garden.

Sega announced Sonic X Shadow Generations in early 2024 with a brief trailer. There’s virtually no information about the game outside the announcement and an Autumn 2024 release window, but more details could arrive alongside the many other game announcements expected in June.

No Sonic the Hedgehog game has featured a Chao Garden since the early 2000s. It’s a popular alternate mode that has outlived even the appeal of the original Sonic Adventure 2 Battle main game. Many critics agree that the mechanics of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, alongside most of its peer 3D Sonic games of the era, have not aged well. The Chao Garden remains a charming pet simulator, though. It’s long overdue for a comeback.

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