When does Sonic x Shadow Generations release? Answered

Along with never-seen-before footage which aired live at Summer Game Fest, fans awaiting the long-teased remastered version of 2011’s Sonic X Shadow Generations were finally treated to a locked-in release date.

The new Sonic X Shadow Generations trailer gives fans a great look at Shadow’s new levels—and jaw-dropping abilities—in levels inspired by several past games from the Sonic franchise. With improved graphics and new parallel story focused on Shadow, the updated version of Sonic Generations is set to be released this Autumn.

Shadow using his new powers to create a pair of wings in Sonic x Shadow Generations.
Shadow boasting his new powers in Sonic x Shadow Generations. Image via PlayStation

Release date for Sonic X Shadow Generations 

Sonic X Shadow Generations will be released on Friday, Oct. 25. The game will be available on major gaming platforms, including PS5, giving fans from all over the globe the chance to experience the beloved remastered title.

“Every generation needs heroes and anti-heroes,” the new trailer declared, introducing Sonic and Shadow taking on Metal Sonic in out-of-this-world levels. With an upbeat soundtrack and an even better graphic upgrade, Sonic X Shadow Generations looks to give franchise fans the high-velocity boost they’ve been waiting for.

Sonic x Shadow Generations pre order includes two exclusive items.
Fans can preorder Sonic x Shadow Generations now. Image via PlayStation

Sonic and Shadow’s fans can preorder the game now to receive a legacy skin of Sonic (close to the one he fashioned in the original game) and a journal detailing the creation of Shadow. Additionally, the Generations trailer previewed an additional level and skin coming for Shadow later in the year during the holidays.

With a date now confirmed, fans won’t have to wait much longer to dive into this exciting new adventure. After all, time goes faster than the fastest hedgehog.

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