Palworld’s biggest update yet includes new island, Pals, and more

Palworld teased its biggest update yet at Summer Game Fest 2024—and its arrival is just around the corner. Despite just being revealed today, the massive content drop is already arriving on June 27, 2024.

It’s called the Sakurajima update, and it promises a massive amount of fresh additions to explore in Palworld. The biggest feature is an entirely new island with stunning cherry blossom trees, massive mushrooms, sprawling buildings, lush bamboo trees, and many more intricate environmental details.

The mushroom swamp area on the new island in Palworld.
The new island looks absolutely breathtaking. Screenshot by Dot Esports

With the new area, there are many new Pals to collect. But there’s also a new feature called subspecies that introduces variations of older Pals like Chillet and Katress, which means you can find different versions of the Pals you already have. New skills are also included to go along with both.

There’s a new Faction, along with an imposing new boss to battle. With this, there are new weapons to use, a hard mode for boss battles to grant an increased challenge, and a level cap increase for both players and Pals so you can match the level of greater challenge.

Building is also getting a complete overhaul to make it easier to work with. This includes many building restrictions being eliminated, lots of additional building pieces, and an increase to the number of bases you can make.

The Oil Rig Stronghold is another fresh feature arriving in this expansion. You can take on epic battles to obtain valuable resources like Crude Oil at this location.

Palworld’s last big addition in this update is the highly anticipated arrival of the Arena. You can battle against other players using the Pals you have captured and built in this epic PvP mode.

New boss in Palworld.
The new boss and her Pal look pretty formidable. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In addition to all the major content, there are some smaller features like Xbox dedicated servers, new raids, and other such additions arriving as part of this update. There’s a lot to look forward to and you can jump in to explore all it has to offer as soon as it launches on June 27.

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