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New Palworld patch addresses serious save issues on Xbox but takes away chat

Pocketpair has been working hard to provide Palworld players on Xbox the same experience ...

Palworld’s PvP Arena won’t be included in Summer update, listing was a ‘mistake’

After initially teasing its first big PvP update for a Summer 2024 release, Pocketpair ...

Pocketpair confirms Palworld PvP Arena, more Pals for summer update

The Palworld developers have finally confirmed that Palworld Arena, a PvP mode pitting ...

One change in Palworld’s Raid update isn’t working as intended and it’s causing confusion

While Palworld’s latest Raid update claims to have introduced a non-medical way to wipe ...

El Pollo Diablo: One Palworld player has bred the rarest Chikipi we’ve ever seen

Have you ever thought of creating the greatest Chikipi ever? Well, one Palworld player ...

Palworld’s Raid update is now live on Xbox, but it’s missing one huge change

Pocketpair has finally deployed Palworld’s celebrated Raid update for players on Xbox ...

Palworld players are absolutely digging one new feature from the Raid update

Following several requests, Palworld has finally welcomed the recipe for a dedicated Ore ...

Palworld’s Raid update secretly added all-new NPCs you can battle

Not all secrets are great to discover, but Pocketpair made sure you have a fun time with ...

Palworld’s new Raid boss decimated my base in less than 10 minutes—and it’s all my fault

A new major content update in Palworld left me licking my lips by introducing a new raid ...

Palworld’s latest update broke Egg Incubators, but there is an easy fix

Palworld players rejoiced on April 4 when the developers launched the substantial ...

Here are the Palworld April 4 Raid update patch notes

Palworld’s first major content update, Patch v0.2.0.6, is now live on Steam, with the ...

Gamechanging Palworld patch adds Raid Bosses, dozens of key updates

Palworld’s first major post-launch content update is now live, finally adding Raid ...
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