Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld

Transporting is work suitability for Pals and a vital task in Palworld as it reduces the work you have to do since your Pals can put whatever you need into storage—but some Pals are better at Transporting than others.

While Pals at your base focus on other tasks, Transporting Pals do the most important work, especially later in the game. We highly recommend grabbing a few of the ones listed here.

Best Transporting Pals in Palworld

Wumpo and Wumpo Botan in the ice biome of Palworld.
They just love carrying things. Image via Pocketpair

Wumpo is by far the best transporting Pal in Palworld. Wumpo starts off with level four Transporting and can take multiple items to a chest at a time.

While Wumpo is at the top, maybe you want different Pals to do the job. We’ve put together a tier list of the best Pal Transporter in Palworld. We’ve also included a few of the best Pal Transporters in both the late-game and early-game, so you can choose the right Pals for the job no matter where you are.

So, first things first: Here’s the complete tier list of the best Pal Transporters in Palworld.

Transporting is one of the more common Work Sutaibilites among Pals in Palworld. With so many options, it’s no surprise picking the best one can be a tough decision. Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to help.

Best late-game Transporting Pals in Palworld


Wumpo's Paldeck page in Palworld.
Wump wump. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Wumpo and its kin Wumpo Botan are the best Pals for Transporting for a simple reason. They both have the skill at the highest possible level, four. But, since they have a few other Work Suitabilities they might get distracted by other errands.

Still, having both in your base should make all kinds of Transporting relatively easy. Bear in mind they both have level eight hunger, so they will consume a lot of food, like most late-game Pals.

  • Element: Ice
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Snowy Mountain
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv4, Cooling Lv2, Lumbering Lv3, Handiwork Lv2
  • Possible Drops: Ice Organ, Beautiful Flower
  • Hunger: 8/10

Wumpo Botan

Wumpo Botan's Paldeck page in Palworld.
Stay grassy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Like Wumpo, Wumpo Botan has Transporting level four, though its other Work Suitabilities are Handiwork, Lumbering, and Planting. It’s best to have at least one assigned to your base, but if either Wumbo or Wumpo Botan get distracted with other kinds of work, Wumpo Botan will be able to pick up Transporting errands.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Grassy Fields
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv4, Lumbering Lv3, Handiwork Lv2, Planting Lv1
  • Possible Drops: Lettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Beautiful Flower
  • Hunger: 8/10


Likely the first Pal you’ll encounter with Transporting level three, you can find Mossanda relatively early if you visit the Bamboo Grove, where they roam in abundance. You can easily catch one using early Pal Spheres.

Mossanda has several other Work Suitabilities, though, with level two Planting, Handiwork, and Lumbering, so you won’t be able to solely rely on this Pal to stick to Transporting. That said, its versatility means it can handle a few crucial tasks at your base.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Grenadier Panda
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Lumbering Lv2, Handiwork Lv2, Planting Lv2
  • Possible Drops: Mushroom, Leather, Tomato Seeds
  • Hunger: 5/10

Mossanda Lux

Like its Grass-type counterpart, Mossanda Lux is a great addition to your base if you need items moving from A to B, and you may be lucky enough to encounter a caged Mossanda Lux in an enemy camp, giving you a free Pal if you save it.

Mossanda Lux will get involved in other tasks at your base with level two in Handiwork, Lumbering, and Generating Electricity, so make sure you have other Pals who can transport items at your base to reduce how much you rely on this giant electric panda.

  • Element: Electric
  • Partner Skill: Grenadier Panda
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Lumbering Lv2, Handiwork Lv2, Generating Electricty Lv2
  • Possible Drops: Mushroom, Electric Organ, Leather
  • Hunger: 5/10


Gorirat is another Pal that is accessible relatively early and is a great addition to your crew if you need items to be transported quickly—and the fact that it’s considerably smaller than Mossanda means there’s less likely to be clipping issues that leave it stuck.

Gorirat also has Handiwork level one and Lumbering level two, so be careful it doesn’t prioritize gathering Wood instead of clearing your base of dropped items. But this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you don’t have a Logging Site.

  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner Skill: Full-power Gorilla Mode
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Lumbering Lv2, Handiwork Lv1
  • Possible Drops: Leather, Bone
  • Hunger: 3/10


You’ll likely have to wait a while before you can add Vanwyrm to your crew, unless you get lucky with an egg you find while exploring the map, but it’s certainly worth the wait as Vanwyrm is the perfect Pal to transport items.

Vanwyrm’s only other Work Suitability is Kindling level one, which you’ll only require periodically, so its sole focus will be Transporting, unlike both Mossanda and Wumpo variants and Gorirat, which may be difficult to keep on task.

  • Element: Fire, Dark
  • Partner Skill: Aerial Marauder
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Kindling Lv1
  • Possible Drops: Bone, Ruby, Gold Coin
  • Hunger: 6/10

Vanwyrm Cryst

Similar to the regular Vanwyrm, you’ll likely encounter this Pal much later unless you get lucky hatching eggs—but Vanwyrm Cryst is arguably the best Transporting Pal.

Vanwyrm Cryst also has level two Cooling Work Suitability, but this is a fixed task in Palworld, and, from my experience, Pals won’t do it automatically, as it requires their constant attention. As such, Vanwyrm Cryst will only focus on Transporting goods unless you direct it otherwise.

  • Element: Ice, Dark
  • Partner Skill: Aerial Marauder
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv3, Cooling Lv2
  • Possible Drops: Ice Organ, Bone, Sapphire
  • Hunger: 6/10

Best early-game Tranporting Pals in Palworld


Now, we’ll discuss Pals that are accessible a bit earlier than the ones mentioned above. First up is Anubis, who is a perfect Pal for Transporting since its other Suitabilites are Mining and Handiwork. Therefore, it won’t get distracted as much as most Pals on this list.

Catching your first Anubis is very tricky and requires a high level, but you can easily breed Anubis early on, which is great advice if you’re planning on using it for Transporting.

  • Element: Ground
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv2, Handiwork Lv4, Mining Lv3
  • Possible Drops: Bone, Large Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Hunger: 6/10


Many Pals you meet in your first hour or two in Palworld have Transporting level one, alongside a number of other Work Suitabilities. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to pick a certain one that excels in Transporting at the beginning of the game. But, if we had to choose, we’d pick Tanzee.

Tanzee also has level one Planting, Gathering, Lumbering, and Handiwork. So, it’s best to make sure there are other Pals in your base that can take care of these tasks so that Tanzee doesn’t get caught up in them.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Cheery Rifle
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv1, Lumbering Lv1, Gathering Lv1, Handiwork Lv1, Planting Lv1
  • Possible Drops: Mushroom
  • Hunger: 2/10


Tombat is likely one of the best early-game Transporting Pals in Palworld as it only has two other tasks, Gathering and Mining, to take care of. More importantly, contrary to Tanzee, it has Transporting at level two.

The better news is that Tombat is easily acquirable early in Palworld, as it spawns regularly around the starting location at night. Or, you can just get lucky and hatch it from an egg. Either way, you shouldn’t have many issues finding one.

  • Element: Dark
  • Partner Skill: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv2, Mining Lv2, Gathering Lv2
  • Possible Drops: Leather, Small Pal Soul
  • Hunger: 5/10


Croajiro Paldeck page palworld
That frog from Spirited Away. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Croajiro is one of the most accessible new Pals from the Sakurajima update because of its availability in areas other than the new island. Players can find and catch Croajiro’s as low as level five, and the frog Pals have multiple early-game advantages.

All of Croajiro’s work suitabilities are level one, but it has four of them, ultimately making it a Pal that can do a lot around your base. It’s also a fun Pal to have in your party because of its high attack combined with a Partner Skill that jumps you high into the air.

  • Element: Water
  • Partner Skill: Leap Stance
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv1, Watering Lv1, Gathering Lv1, Handiwork Lv1
  • Possible Drops: Pal Fluids, Cloth
  • Hunger: 2/10

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