Angry CoD players call on fandom to boycott non-Black Ops titles

Call of Duty players are picking the Black Ops series above all others within the larger franchise and dedicating themselves to only buying Black Ops/Treyarch games in the future.

Call of Duty has had trouble winning over the hearts and minds of fans in recent years, particularly within the new Modern Warfare trilogy. The new Modern Warfare 3 may be the most poorly received CoD game of all time, with nearly 10,000 “Mostly negative” reviews on Steam. Several controversial points within the game led to this point. But the fanbase seems hopeful that Black Ops 6, led by Treyarch rather than MW’s Infinity Ward, won’t have the majority of these issues, and the result is a boycott on all non-Treyarch CoD games moving forward.

mw3 characters.
MW3 hasn’t gone down well. Image via Activision

A player on Reddit noted that the only CoD game they’ve enjoyed since the “new era” of the series began with Modern Warfare 2019 is Black Ops: Cold War. Using the Steam reviews again, most of the fanbase seems to agree, seeing as Cold War is the only CoD game in recent years with overall “very positive” reviews. Modern Warfare 2019 has “mostly positive,” Vanguard has “mixed,” and Modern Warfare 2 has “overwhelmingly negative.”

“Treyarch has always understood what makes a CoD game fun imo. As long as Treyarch continues making fun CoD games that, at a minimum have good spawn logic and good maps, I will continue to buy their games. As for Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games, I’ll likely stick with free Warzone during those cycles.”

Many of the comments agree while also noting Black Ops 6’s inclusion on Xbox Game Pass ultimately means a lot of players won’t be buying the game despite their intention to play it. Whether or not the players will stick to this boycott is up for debate, considering the history of CoD players raging at a new game only for it to sell incredibly well, like with Infinite Warfare’s announcement trailer controversy.

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