How to complete In Search of the Relic Bunny quest in The First Descendant

Individual Descendants in The First Descendant have unique quests line to progress through, with Bunny likely being the first you encounter, and we’re here to tell you where to find the Records in the Search of the Relic quest.

Unique Descendant questlines in The First Descendant provide a backstory for each character, with more to come in future updates as revealed in the roadmap, and Bunny’s quests have you searching high and low for lost Journals.

If you’ve reached this spot, you already know what’s ahead after collecting the Records in Follow Their Traces and The Traces Continue, but this hunt is harder than the rest. Fear not though, as we’ve got a full breakdown.

Where to find Bunny records in Derelict Covert in the Echo Swamp

A map of the Echo Swamp region in The First Descendant with a point marked.
Time to climb. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Derelict Covert is located in the northern area of the Echo Swamp, unlocked via story progression. If you are yet to unlock this area, complete all the other story quests in the Echo Swamp first.

With the area unlocked, head to the area marked on the map above. The spot is located in the north-west of the region but it is the trickiest to reach due to its height and an inability to use your Grapple Hook to immediately reach the required spot.

Bunny stood on a platform in The First Descendant.
Right at the top. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Instead, use the moving blue platforms to navigate the area. The easiest way to do this is during the Old Human Base mission, as the data points you need to collect are along a path to the final area, but you can also just follow the track in your own time.

Collect the Journal by holding the interact button (E on PC, A on Xbox, X on PlayStation) to add it to your Records. Open up your map and navigate to the Journal tab, hit the section of Records, click on Descendants, the first option that shows, and listen to the Incomplete Chat Log to complete the quest.

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