Zenless Zone Zero – Best Nekomata build in ZZZ

Nekomata is an S-Rank agent in Zenless Zone Zero, and as a member of the Cunning Hares Faction, she’s fierce and powerful.

Here’s the best Nekomata build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Nekomata Zenless Zone Zero build

Nekomata smiling with her aim raised in Zenless Zone Zero.
Fast on her feet. Image via HoYoverse

As an S-Rank character, Nekomata is a strong DPS with a Physical Attribute who excels in dealing single-target and mostly AoE damage with her powerful barrage of quick slashes. Thanks to her dangerous paws, Nekomata can dish out a ton of quick Physical damage. As a main carry, you want to maximize her damage potential by equipping her with the best W-Engines, Drives Discs, Bangboo, and invest in her Skills.


Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero can use Perfect Dodges.
The gang is ready. Image via HoYoverse

W-Engines are an essential part of any build. Since Nekomata is a damage dealer, equipping her with a W-Engine that offers offensive stats is the way to go. Fortunately, for free-to-play players and light spenders, Nekomata has a ton of great options.

Here are the best W-Engines for Nekomata:

  • Steel Cushion (S-Rank)
  • Cannon Rotor (A-Rank)
  • Starlight Engine (A-Rank)
  • Housekeeper (A-Rank)

Steel Cushion is an S-Rank weapon, and as Nekomata’s signature W-engine, it’s her best in slot. This W-Engine is her perfect counterpart because it provides all the stats she needs. It has a high base attack and offers a ton of CRIT Rate, which is perfect for Nekomata. Additionally, her signature W-Engine increases Nekomata’s Physical damage by 20 percent, making it even more valuable.

Starlight Engine is a great alternative if you play Nekomata as a quick-swap carry. This A-Rank W-Engine has a decent base attack and a 25 percent attack as a main stat, which increases Nekomata’s overall damage. It also increases Nekomata’s attack percent by 12 whenever she performs a Dodge Counter or Quick Assist. You can also get this W-Engine from any Signal Search Banner by spending your Polychromes.

While you’re at the start of your ZZZ journey, any B-Rank W-Engine will suffice because they’re all equally good. 

Drive Discs

Four characters fighting in a battle in Zenless Zone Zero.
Let the combos do the talk. Image via HoYoverse

Drive Discs are the gear that boosts your character’s stats and increases their damage or utility. Once you unlock the Bardic Needle Music Store in Sixth Street, you can start farming Drive Discs for Nekomata, and since you want to increase her damage, look for Drive Discs that match her kit.

Here are the best Drive Discs for Nekomata:

  • Fanged Metal (four-piece)
  • Woodpecker Electro (two-piece)

The four-piece Fanged Metal is a perfect Drive Disc set to match Nekomata’s rhythm. It increases her Physical damage by 10 percent, and whenever other party members inflict Assault on the opponent, Nekomata’s damage increases by additional 35 percent for 12 seconds.

Since you have six slots for Drive Discs, the best partner in crime for Fanged Metal is the two-piece Woodpecker Electro, which will make your Nekomata’s damage skyrocket. This two-piece set increases her CRIT Rate by eight percent, making her overall build easier to balance out.

Drive Discs stats and substats

Four characters standing above the word Zenless in Zenless Zone Zero.
Locked and loaded. Image via HoYoverse

Drive Discs alone are not enough; they need proper stats and substats to get the engine going, and since you build Nekomata as a DPS, her desired stats are straightforward.

Here are the main stats you should target:

  • Slot four: CRIT Rate or CRIT damage
  • Slot five: Physical damage
  • Slot six: ATK%

To further increase the value of those Drive Discs, you should aim for a balanced Crit ratio with a ton of attack percent as your substats.

Best Bangboo

Bangboo on the street with a ball in Zenless Zone Zero.
Small, useful, and always by your side. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Although they are small, Bangboos are your little sidekicks in the battle. They passively increase the damage and utility of your agents, and the best Bangboo for Nekomata is Butler. He helps with Energy Regeneration and deals Physical damage, which makes him Nekomata’s best friend in the Hollow.

Nekomata Skill priority

You must invest in Nekomata’s abilities to make the most out of her. Leveling up her Skills requires a lot of investment, so you must focus on her best ones. 

Here are Nekomata’s Skills you should prioritize:

  • Special
  • Ultimate
  • Dodge
  • Basic Attack

Leveling up her Special attack and Ultimate are equally important because that’s where most of her Physical damage comes from. Once you get that covered, you can focus on her Dodge and Basic Attacks to increase her damage even more. 

Best Nekomata Mindscapes

Nekomata Mindscapes in Zenless Zone Zero.
Match her rhythm and dance to the beat. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Although you can get one free copy of Nekomata after 300 pulls, she doesn’t need Mindscapes to be good because her kit functions perfectly without them. But if you manage to get her Mindscape one, her Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 25 percent, making this Mindscape valuable to have.

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