Palworld teams up with Sony, Aniplex in huge media and merch move

PocketPair, Aniplex, and Sony Music have today combined for a new joint venture: Palworld Entertainment. This exciting collaboration aims to expand the reach of PocketPair’s breakout hit game Palworld into various forms of media on a global scale.

The newly established Palworld Entertainment will focus on consolidating non-game licensing operations and expanding the Palworld IP worldwide. This includes a range of merchandise, which will debut at China’s Bilibili World 2024 on July 12 and be available for online orders via Aniplex, Aniplex of America, and Aniplex Shanghai.

Happy Daedream pal in Palworld
Image via PocketPair

Palworld Entertainment will also establish new development lines with the Sony Group, which is now expected to significantly influence the ongoing development of Palworld, which is currently in indefinite early access. The goal is to leverage Sony’s extensive resources and networks to enhance the collecting game’s development and reach, PocketPair explained in an statement on X (formerly Twitter) on July 10.

Earlier this year, PocketPair’s CEO Takuro Mizobe hinted at this expansion. On his personal X account, he mentioned the development team had been casually creating a Palworld card game for fun. This prototype may have been an early part of the strategy to diversify Palworld’s media presence, with an official Palworld card game certainly a step in that direction.

By partnering with industry giants Sony and Aniplex, PocketPair is now poised to significantly broaden the wider Palworld universe, making it accessible to a global audience and across various media platforms. And, in perhaps the best news for players, Palworld’s anticipated PlayStation 5 release now seems more likely than ever.

What comes next is anyone’s guess, though with everything from card games to anime on the horizon, the future seems very, very bright for Palworld now.

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