The First Descendant gets an official release date—and it’s closer than you think

It’s only been a few weeks since The First Descendant‘s final technical test ended, but now, players are getting excited once more for the full release.

At Summer Game Fest 2024, a new trailer revealed the official release date for the highly-awaited title—and it looks like summer is just starting to heat up. The official release date for The First Descendant has been set for Tuesday, July 2, which is less than a month away. This exciting title will transport its eager fanbase to a technologically advanced future with destructive enemies storming the Ingris Continent.

Players take control of various characters with very distinct abilities and playstyles, whether you’re a run-and-gun type of soldier like Lepic, a fast-moving speedster on Bunny, or a front line tank like Ajax. There are plenty of weapons to use in your battles too, and several different ways to take down your foes with the tools of war at your fingertips.

As a third-person RPG looter shooter, the First Descendant gameplay will depend on how you wish to approach each situation and how you complete various missions.

Additionally, future players should be happy to know that as a live service title, The First Descendant will be free-to-play and is going to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. Get ready to dive into yet another diverse and deep world as you exercise your will with new weapons, powers, and more.

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