Square Enix studio behind popular Final Fantasy games teases 2 new projects to come

Square Enix’s Creative Studio 3, the powerhouse studio behind the beloved Final Fantasy 14 and recently released Final Fantasy 16, is getting ready to drop some big news.

Studio head Naoki Yoshida teased the development of two new games in an interview with a Dutch site Gaming.nl on June 6. While the team is laser-focused and can’t juggle multiple projects, Yoshida hinted exciting developments are on the horizon. “Soon there may be some announcements about two new games we are working on,” he teased, with the translation courtesy of Genki_GPN on X (Twitter).

Yoshida also put concerned fans at ease by confirming the division remains untouched despite Square Enix’s restructuring and layoffs. “I haven’t had to fire people and the current team hasn’t been altered. We’re even hiring new folks,” the studio head explained, according to a translation by one of the site’s journalists.

Yoshida didn’t mince words about the company’s commitment to Creative Studio 3 either. “The company has high expectations for our division,” he explained in the interview. “It’s one of the pillars of Square Enix. There is no chance they’ll make cuts or invest less in us. We’ll keep working just as hard on [FF14], so players don’t have to worry.”

This has the Final Fantasy community buzzing with anticipation. Creative Studio 3 has a proven track record of delivering high-quality content, so expectations are naturally high.

As fans speculate, one thing is certain: Creative Studio 3 isn’t slowing down. The team continues to grow and innovate, promising new and fresh adventures. Stay tuned because whatever Creative Studio 3 cooks up, it’s bound to be a gamechanger.

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