Who’s winning Destiny 2’s Salvation’s Edge World First raid race? Live updates

It all comes down to this.

There’s nothing quite like a world first raid race day in Destiny 2, and the latest might be the most exciting of all time. The Final Shape is here, as is the Witness, the malevolent force behind many of the events within the franchise’s history.

The Witness has made a home inside a massive monolith within the Traveler’s Pale Heart, and it’s time to bring the fight to them once and for all in an effort to close out the chapter of Light and Darkness within Destiny and move on to something entirely new. It’s time to reach Salvation’s Edge.

Another raid championship belt is on the line, and gamers across the galaxy are either tuning in to watch along or raiding with their own teams to try and become the winners of what may be the most hectic race in Destiny yet.

Follow along below for live updates in the World First Raid Race for Salvation’s Edge, the raid for Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid World First Race – Live updates

Destiny 2 fireteam in Salvation's Edge raid
Let’s do this. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • 6:35 am CT: Datto has gone dark! Things are really heating up
  • 6:25 am CT: Salt has also hidden gameplay. It looks like team ATP and team Salt (Elysium) are the frontrunners right now in this incredibly daunting battle against the Witness
  • 6:20 am CT: Bungie Help has posted, advising players that “raid completion is recorded once the final loot is awarded” and telling them NOT to pull their Ghost out immediately. “Instead interact with the Pool of Light near the raid vendor.”
  • 6:15 am CT: It looks like ATP might have figured something out! The gameplay has been hidden again
  • 6:00 am CT: Teams are still banging their heads against this particular wall. The frontrunners appear to be able to consistent get stun but nobody has figured out how to get damage just yet. It seems likely that we’ll be seeing the longest ever raid now.
  • 5:15 am CT: It looks like a number of teams are reaching a similar stage. Datto is now showing gameplay again. In another 90 minutes or so, we’ll have a record for the longest ever raid in Destiny 2
  • 4:55am CT: It SOUNDS like Datto’s team is DPSing in their battle against The Witness, but as we can only see Datto’s face, it’s hard to know for sure.
  • 4:40am CT: Okay, then! It looks like Salt is tackling the final boss of encounter five live on stream right now. As far as we can see, nobody in encounter five has done damage to the Witness yet
  • 4:30am CT: It looks like Roen has cleared encounter four!
  • 4:15am CT: To update everyone tuning back in after a quick nap, Team All_The_Players is in the lead, but Datto’s team is hot on their heels. We’re also seeing rumours that team Salta and RumoMax are at the witness. If encounter five proves to be even half as difficult as four, this could still be anyone’s raid.
  • 4:00am CT: There were some rumors that Gigz had cleared the fourth encounter, but it seems that this is not true.
  • 3:46am CT: Things are really heating up now! Tensions are running high on a few streams and this incredibly gruelling raid ticks ever closer to the 16 hour mark
  • 3:39am CT: Datto and MC have finally cleared the fourth encounter, with Datto briefly showing some gameplay on stream before returning to facecam-only. However, they’re about an hour behind ATP, who progressed to the fifth stage with his team frst.
  • 1:00am CT: Are you still awake? We’re well past the 13 hour mark of this raid race, and the battle continues on for many who are still stuck on this harrowing fourth encounter. This is quickly becoming a memorable moment in time for Destiny 2, but there’s still a long way to go to beat Last Wish’s record of nearly 19 hours before a world first clear.
  • 12:00am CT: This has become a raid of attrition, and all parties are giving it their all to meet this challenge.
  • 11:40pm CT: It looks like Datto’s team has now figured something out, and they’re making progress in the fourth encounter.
  • 11:30pm CT: The teams are still working on things. Not too much change at this time.
  • 11:15pm CT: Teams are still banging their heads against this challenge. Given we have an outside view of it, we’re struggling to see what mechanics are at play.
  • 11:05pm CT: We’re entering the later hours, but the teams are still going strong. There’s little they can do but continue working on this large puzzle.
  • 10:45pm CT: We’re still in the same place, and it’s been a tough slog. We’re getting up there for this being one of the longest Destiny 2 day one raids. We still have a good chunk of the way to go.
  • 10:38pm CT: It looks like Datto’s team is making progress on the fourth encounter.
  • 10:30pm CT: More teams are working on the mechanics from the fourth encounter. Still, no one has any positive headway, and remain stuck.
  • 10:15pm CT: The main focus is teams working on the fourth encounter. We don’t have too much information on how this works, but this section is still a hurdle for many teams.
  • 10:00pm CT: We have several teams on the fourth encounter. Several of them have been here for hours, but Datto has gotten here after struggling with the second encounter. It’s anyone’s guess on who’s going to figure out the this encounter, and then the next one after it.
  • 9:48pm CT: Datto has pushed into the fourth encounter. Now we’re going to see if they can figure it out, with others already hitting the wall.
  • 9:30pm CT: It’s a slow grind of teams attempting to figure out, and refining their methods.
  • 9:13pm CT: Datto and this team are getting closer in the third encounter. They’re making progress. Other teams are still working on their parts, with the fourth encounter being the toughest.
  • 9:00pm CT: The fourth encounter is holding people back right now. Hopefully, more teams reach this point to find the solution.
  • 8:48pm CT: It looks like teams are starting to fine-tune the fourth encounters. It all comes down to the shapes appearing on the wall, which makes sense with The Witness being obsessed with The Final Shape.
  • 8:30pm CT: Datto and Math has cleared the second encounter. They are moving onto the third one.
  • 8:24pm CT: Destiny 2 competitive teams are rolling with the punches and working as hard as they can to punch through.
  • 8:15pm CT: Things are looking similar for all teams. This is a raid that is making some interesting turns for teams, and whoever can get beyond the fourth encounter are going to have some advantages, depending if the final encounter is even more difficult.
  • 8:00pm CT: Many are hitting the wall as they’re starting to grind against the heavy gears of this raid. Most teams have not made progress, but they’re still trying. It’s rough, but it’s exciting to see who can break through it.
  • 7:45pm CT: Teams are still working hard to make any amount of progress on their section. Right now, there are only three or four teams who have made it beyond the second encounter.
  • 7:30pm CT: Things are starting to slow down a bit, but teams are still making their attempts. After seven hours, teams are taking short breaks before trying again.
  • 7:15pm CT: Teams are still working at their current phase. There’s not much else that happened, but they’re working on it.
  • 7:00pm CT: Only a handful of teams are at the fourth encounter. The rest are stuck on the second encounter, and hopefully they can break through.
  • 6:45pm CT: It looks like teams are pushing over the current encounter. They appear to know a specific mechanic involved with it, but its the trick of getting it all to sync together.
  • 6:40pm CT: All_The_Players team is making progress in the fourth room but is hitting the same wall as the others.
  • 6:30pm CT: The fourth room proves to be exceptionally challenging. The puzzle is the most challenging one yet, and might be the hard wall preventing teams from beating it.
  • 6:20pm CT: More teams are getting to the fourth encounter. There are at least four teams who are in this room, and they’re working on the difficult mechanics. It’s not getting any easier.
  • 6:10pm CT: The race of this raid continues to heat up. Many teams are still in the same place but slowly pushing forward.
  • 5:50pm CT: We have been holding steady for a good amount of time. Everyone is working to get through this raid, and it looks like we’re in it for the long haul.
  • 5:30pm CT: Progress has been made in the various parts of the raid. However, Elysium is the furthest, still on the fourth encounter. They’re struggling with this section, but things are looking positive. Others are doing their best to reach this point, and the race continues to heat up.
  • 5:20pm CT: More teams are returning to the third encounter.
  • 5:15pm CT: It’s a steady build-up as we work toward watching the completion of this raid. This has been a rough one, and it’s fantastic.
  • 5:10pm CT: Elysium is on the fourth encounter, alongside another team as they work through attempting to carve through it. Others are slowly making their way to the third one.
  • 5:00pm CT: Not too many players are through the second encounter, but they are working through it.
  • 4:55pm CT: The third encounter is building up, with more mechanics being learned by the team. They look like they’re split up on each side, and picking up splinters.
  • 4:45pm CT: Teams are getting closer to breaking through the second encounter. Elysium is in the statue room and remains as one of the ones close to reaching the end. It’s still anyone’s race, and mechanics are playing a huge part as a large hurdle for everyone.
  • 4:30pm CT: The teams are still pushing through, and the Elysium team is in the statue room.
  • 4:15pm CT: We have a solid holding pattern with the raid.
  • 4:05pm CT: The third encounter is the furthest some have gotten to so far. Elysium is there, with a handful of others on the second encounter. The first encounter is proving to be a real challenge for many teams.
  • 3:55pm CT: The second encounter is a real challenge. Elysium, however, is banging their hands on the third encounter.
  • 3:40pm CT: Elysium is working its way to the third encounter. Others are still working on the Herald. It’s a heated race, but Elysium is working toward bringing about the end of the Witness.
  • 3:36pm CT: Elysium has cleared the second encounter, and they are making their way toward the third. Other teams are scattered behind them, working on the Herald.
  • 3:35pm CT: Elysium is on the final stand of the second boss. They could clear it.
  • 3:30pm CT: Teams are all over the place as they focus on defeating the first encounter, with several others still chipping away on the second encounter. It’s anyone’s race, but Elysium team is working on the Herald.
  • 3:25pm CT: Teams are dealing more damage to the Herald, but it’s still holding strong, and proving to be a difficult obstacle for teams.
  • 3:15pm CT: Things have been consistent with the second room. Not much progress has been made by multiple players, but teams are making their way to the second encounter. The Herald is holding strong.
  • 3:00pm CT: We’re still in the second encounter, but we are making our way further. The teams need to bring out some more damage to defeat it properly.
  • 2:47pm CT: Elysium is working toward defeating the main boss of the second encounter, and they nearly have it. They could be the first team to make it to the third encounter.
  • 2:40pm CT: The second encounter is the main focus for this Raid, and it seems to be slightly easier than the first one, in terms of puzzles.
  • 2:30pm CT: We have a handful of teams working on the first room, while we are well within the second encounter. Teams are doing more damage against the boss of the second encounter, but it’s slow going.
  • 2:15pm CT: Players are slowly damaging the boss in the second encounter, but they don’t have the exact mechanics figured out right now. There’s a lot of learning happening, and experimentation.
  • 2:10pm CT: Teams are working their way toward the second encounter. Those who are there are starting to carve their way through it, and it looks like a proper race.
  • 2pm CT: We’re started to get our first look at the second encounter, as The Final Shape is proving to be a real challenge.
  • 1:55pm CT: Saltagreppo and several other teams have pushed through to the next area, and we will see what they have to deal with next. Others are still working on the first encounter.
  • 1:45pm CT: A handful of players have slowly begun to clear the first area, and they’re entering the next encounter.
  • 1:30pm CT: This is an endurance run to see if the teams can work together to get through to the other side.
  • 1:20pm CT: The Final Shape’s first encounter is proving to be exceptionally difficult for players, as many are still stuck on the initial area.
  • 1:15pm CT: Not too much else has been happening right now. People are slowly making their way through the first room, but it is looking positive as they go further through it.
  • 1:00pm CT: The teams are still duking it out in the first room, which is proving to be truly a mountain for everyone.
  • 12:45pm CT: Players are slowly beginning to gather up the fine details of the first encounter. It’s still a challenge, but they’re about to catch a break, and we can move to the next encounter.
  • 12:30pm CT: We are holding true in the first room. Teams are still struggling, but they are picking up bits and pieces of what’s expected of them to defeat this first encounter.
  • 12:20pm CT: There are a few teams who appear to be learning the start of the puzzle, and Saltagreppo’s team is frantically working on it.
  • 12:15pm CT: Raiders are encountering the first puzzle, and it is proving to be difficult. We’ll see how long it takes for them to participants to figure it out.
  • 12:07pm CT: We’re off to a slow start, but that’s to be expected. Everyone is getting their first few steps into the Raid, and they’re getting ready to see what they can expect.
  • 12pm CT: And it has begun. Good luck to all raiders, and let’s all enjoy the show. Salvation’s Edge is here.
  • 11:55am CT: It’s almost here. Guardians are forming their fireteams in orbit and making last minute preparations for what could be a life-changing day. Who will become world first?
  • 10:50am CT: With just over an hour left to go before the race begins, many streamers are already live and trying to farm a last piece of gear or two to maximize their chances for success. Destiny 2 is already the fifth-highest category on Twitch at over 87,000 viewers, behind just League of Legends, Counter-Strike, GTA V, and Just Chatting. That number will grow exponentially once the raid begins, especially considering there are viewershipo drops to earn.
Destiny 2 viewership on Twitch before Salvation's Edge raid begins
Get ready to see the number grow. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • 10:25am CT: Which streamer will you be tuning in to watch today? There’s no shortage of top players and teams participating, and this raid really feels like a culmination of everything that’s come before it, both lore-wise and for player experience.
  • 9:20am CT: Many of the best raid teams and players are already online and waiting for word to hop in. Salvation’s Edge goes live at 12pm CT, and not a minute will be wasted as clans like Saltagreppo‘s Elysium (looking for their record fifth world first title), top streamer Datto and Math Class (looking for their first), and many others are all competing with their best loadouts and Guardian classes locked and loaded. Streamers like ProfessorBroman will host a “raid tailgate” and follow along with many perspectives, and Twitch Rivals will also be streaming the start of it, so there’s plenty of opportunity to check out multiple perspectives.
  • 9:15am CT: Good morning and happy raid day, Guardians. This is the big one. The Witness awaits the arrival of fireteams across the world in what is sure to be a tumultuous and lengthy day of fighting within its monolith inside the Pale Heart of the Traveler. Ten years of Destiny have built up to this point, and tensions are high.

Best Destiny 2 streams to watch Salvation’s Edge raid race

Plenty of streamers will be hopping online to try and win a belt. Here’s a list of some of them, but you can tune in to the Destiny 2 directory to see who’s live once the race begins at 12pm CT:

What is Contest Mode in Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge?

The world's first belt for Salvation's Edge raid race in Destiny 2
This belt is on the line. Image via Bungie

In Contest Mode, all Guardian power is capped at 1965, meaning it doesn’t matter how much a player has leveled up beyond that point. Every encounter will increase in power, but Guardian power will not matter past 1965, making the challenge that much harder.

Contest Mode ends on Sunday, June 9 at 12pm CT.

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge: Contest Mode disabled items

Some items have been disabled for competitive integrity in Salvation’s Edge. The full list of disabled items can be found below:

  • Lucky Pants (Exotic Hunter leg armor)
  • Cascade Point (Legendary perk)
  • Magnificent Howl (Legendary perk)
  • Facet of Command (Prismatic Hunter Fragment – will be re-enabled on June 9)
  • Relentless Strikes (Legendary weapon perk)
  • Ascension (Hunter Aspect)
  • Elemental Surges

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