First look at Vi’s new design in Arcane Season 2 suggests huge timeline change

Eager League of Legends fans have today had their Arcane Season Two drought ended (at least a tiny bit) with a 12-second teaser offering a glimpse of what is yet to come.

The new Arcane teaser trailer, shared by Riot Games across several social media platforms, features Vi standing by Caitlyn, who is dressed in what appears to be an uncomfortable enforcer’s uniform. This outfit is reminiscent of her splash art in League, complete with a belt in the middle and a pink frill on the side.

Arcane season two teaser trailer.

While League fans were immediately enamored by Vi and Caitlyn’s new looks, something else stood out; the girl on the right with ginger hair looks strikingly similar to Marcus’s daughter from season one, setting up a very interesting potential plotline.

The noticeable difference in age between Marcus’s daughter in season one, then depicted as a young child, and the woman in the teaser who bears a striking resemblance but appears significantly older strongly hints at a rather large timeskip. This could imply her involvement with the enforcers as a means to pursue vengeance against Jinx, who killed her father on the bridge before her devastating fight with Ekko.

A time skip is just one of the endless theories fans have been crafting with each new sneak peek of season two. Another popular theory that gained traction earlier this year is the beloved adoptive father of Vi and Jinx, Vander, could return as Warwick. Fans speculated that Vander (presumed dead) may have been transformed into the monstrous Warwick. Upon those theories, there’s now an ever-growing list of all League champions rumored to appear in season two.

Vi joining the force, especially after the first season’s massive cliffhanger—where Jinx shot her rocket at the Piltover council⁠—raises many questions. This suggests the sisters did not reunite during a possible timeskip, and it seems likely Vi is even leading the charge to capture Jinx. The emotional complexity of Vi’s potential role reversal is shaping to be another major plot arch in the upcoming Arcane season.

With old wounds from the past and the shadow of Jinx’s actions looming large, the stakes are higher than ever. Arcane is known for its devastating storylines and heart-wrenching tales, and season two promises to continue this trend.

Arcane’s second season is slated to hit Netflix in November.

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