What FOMO? Destiny 2’s very best DLCs are 85 percent off if you’re missing The Final Shape

If you’re feeling the Destiny 2 The Final Shape FOMO, don’t worry: There’s a massive sale on multiple Destiny 2 expansions starting today.

Destiny 2 is free-to-play but it’s expansions never have been, and can often be quite pricey on release—the latest DLC went for upwards of $50 USD. That makes this 85 percent off sale for several expansions all the better, with several of the older Destiny 2 gems now landing in the bargain bin, including Lightfall, The Witch Queen, and Shadowkeep.

lightfall promo art destiny 2
Even Lightfall is on sale. Image via Bungie.

On Humble Bundle, a very popular digital video game storefront, you can get the following Destiny DLC at a fraction of the regular price:

  • Lightfall: Discounted by 67 percent, making it $16.49.
  • Shadowkeep: Discounted by 85 percent, making it $2.99.
  • Beyond Light: Discounted by 85 percent, making this $2.99.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to try these expansions, now’s the time to get them for a fraction of their normal cost before the sale ends on June 17. Other Destiny 2 DLCs are also on sale, like the Forsaken Pack, which contains over 20 Exotic weapons, and the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack, which includes armor, gear, weapons, and cosmetics.

But, if you prefer buying DLCs directly from Steam, Lightfall, The Witch Keep, the Beyond Light pack, the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack, the Shadowkeep pack, the Legacy Collection, and the Forsaken packs are also on sale on Valve’s ever-popular storepage. Console gamers aren’t being left out either, with both Xbox and PlayStation also holding a sale on these Destiny 2 DLCs. However, the prices there vary slightly.

The Final Shape is an incredible last chapter in an incredible storyline, but if it’s not in the budget or you simply want to collect all the expansions, all these older DLCs—especially Lightfall—are 100 percent worth grabbing on sale.

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