Hogwarts Legacy is getting a Director’s Cut from the WB studio that made 2024’s biggest bomb

Rocksteady Studios, the developers of 2024’s biggest gaming bomb, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, is reportedly working on a director’s cut version of Hogwarts Legacy.

While Hogwarts fans are skeptical, many are already eager to see what Rocksteady can do with Warner Bros’ best-selling title of 2023, especially if the Director’s Cut (which was first reported by VGC and Bloomberg) includes all the deleted content originally found in the Wizarding World game’s backend files soon after release.

player with house elf outside in hogwarts legacy
The possibilities are endless. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Avalanche.

There’s no extra details on what the Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut will entail right now, with only its existence confirmed. Bloomberg has reported that many of Rocksteady’s employees are already working on the new version.

That hasn’t stopped fans from putting together wishlists though. Some have already declared they want to see a Director’s Cut with all the content initially listed in the game files for Hogwarts Legacy but were cut, such as “pets, companions, a crime and morality system, relationships, and curfew.” This would clearly make another Hogwarts Legacy release incredible and create a truly immersive experience, but not everyone is so convinced; others said they were “definitely not holding [their] breath” because it likely won’t happen. And if it does, others glumly suggested we’ll be would “charged like [more] 60 bucks” to play.

Other early fears revolved around the Rocksteady studio’s work on the Suicide Squad and several Batman Arkham games, the former of which is regarded as one of the biggest failures in modern gaming when it comes to releases.

Either way, until the devs officially confirm what a their Director’s Cut will include (and I’m here hoping for New Game Plus) then it’s all just wishful thinking right now.

When Hogwarts Legacy dropped on Feb. 10, 2023, many players were pleasantly surprised by how incredible the game and its unique story in the wider Wizarding World ended up being, despite the seemingly-endless controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling. Now that it’s blown past 20 million copies sold, it’s no great surprise Warner Bros. wants to continue riding its wave of success by developing a major Hogwarts Legacy update.

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