Un-brie-lievable: BG3 players are beating the entire story as a wheel of cheese

A very talented Baldur’s Gate 3 YouTuber, Brouch, has today decided that BG3 isn’t easy (or apparently cheesy) enough, and so has designed the RPG’s latest challenge: Polymorphing into a cheese wheel to beat the three-act adventure.

For now-veteran players who’ve beaten BG3 multiple times since it released midway through last year, playthrough-altering mods have become core to new adventures, unlocking more creative avenues and building difficult challenges—including polymorphing into a literal wheel of cheese and having to journey across Faerûn.

cheese wheel in shar's gauntlet bg3
You have to become human to access Nightsong’s prison. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Brouch on YouTube

So, how did Brouch pull this cheesy challenge off? Nacho everyday build. The YouTuber released a video on his gouda build on June 4, revealing he became a Monk dedicated to unarmed cheesy combat. As it turns out, when you’re polymorphed as cheese in BG3, you still have access to your class’ passive abilities. Seeing as Monks have a whole subclass dedicated to unarmed attacks, this made his adventures as a semi-solid curd possible.

Now, you may think he might have been able to cheese his way through the Baldur’s Gate story, and for the most part, he did. However, it was a Herculean task, and it was almost impossible because, as a cheese wheel:

  • Your rolling attack does one damage until you level up.
  • You have only one health through the entire game.
  • You cannot equip items or gear.
  • You leave behind a cheesy smell that prevents creatures from taking action.
  • Transforming into a cheese wheel alters your attributes. Your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are reduced to 10, and you lose access to all other abilities. This means no weapon, ability, or reactions.
  • It’s not just your character that becomes a wheel of cheese; your Baldur’s Gate teammates also become cheesy.
  • NPCs won’t talk or trade with you.
  • Withers also wouldn’t speak with you (he must not like cheese), which means no resummoning dead companions or respeccing.

Brouch certainly ran into a lot of problems early on, including not being able to free Shadowheart at all—a particularly brutal blow—as well as being shunned by merchants, having to scavenge spell scrolls to actually deal damage, and really struggling to release his cheesy toxic gas to prevent enemy actions.

It’s safe to say that playing as a wheel of cheese isn’t for the faint of heart (or nose), but this is probably one of the most unique playthroughs I’ve watched, and honestly, nothing can get cheddar than this.

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