Hogwarts Legacy update adds long-requested features and unlocks all platform-exclusives

After close to a year and a half of its official launch, Hogwarts Legacy is getting some nifty additions. While nothing groundbreaking, these could still be enough reason to boot up the 2023 best-seller.

This free Hogwarts Legacy summer update is slated for release on all platforms on June 6. The headlining feature of the update is, of course, a fully-fledged Photo Mode, something fans have requested to be added ever since the game’s launch. Besides your standard-fare camera settings, the Photo Mode features options to switch up seasons and times of the day. So, you won’t need a Time-Turner after all. As Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood puts in the official explainer video, “It’s like a pensive memory. Nothing you do inside photo mode will change the game outside photo mode.”

Hogwarts Legacy character soaring over a lake on a Hippogriff mount
Screenarchers can finally rest easy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Speaking of other features the Hogwarts Legacy community requested, a New Game Plus mode tops the list. While we aren’t getting exactly that with the summer update, we’re getting the next best thing: A Talent points refund system that will help you play around with your build. At a 200 gold cost for each refund, you can play around with your invested Talent Points in the Field Guide.

This update also unlocks arguably the best side quest of the game—Haunted Hogsmeade—on all platforms. This previously PlayStation-exclusive quest (disclaimer: it’s not for the faint of the heart) lets you open your own shop in Hogsmeade.

Avalanche is also unlocking other prior exclusive items for all owners with the June 6 update. The list includes the Onyx Hippogriff mount, Felix Felicis potion recipe, Azkaban Prisoner outfit and coat, Lavender Borealis Broom, and Harry’s taped-up spectacles.

Hogwarts Legacy is out on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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