XDefiant reportedly getting popular game mode for season one update

Notorious leaker Rogue | TX shared claims that XDefiant season one will launch with a capture-the-flag mode.

Just hours after the leaker posted their finding on X (formerly Twitter), their account got suspended, suggesting higher-ups at Ubisoft didn’t want this information out in the open. Ubisoft has yet to confirm whether the leak was legitimate or not.

Even though the post has been removed from the platform, the comments are still visible, and some users are already speculating how this popular game mode would even work in a game like XDefiant.

Players standing on a zone in XDefiant
Zone control is currently the closest we have to CTF

“Will CTF even work? Feels like with all the shield abilities, etc. Capturing flags is going to be relatively easy, well easier than other games with CTF,” one fan wrote.

While we can discuss how XDefiant’s capture-the-flag mode might work, a new game mode would undoubtedly enrich the experience.

Currently, XDefiant has six game modes: Occupy, Domination, Zone Control, Escort, and Hotshot. This is already varied enough, but additional modes are always welcome.

The launch of XDefiant was met with somewhat mixed reception. Most, however, agree Ubisoft could turn it into a beloved live-service game if the devs put in the time and effort with regular updates.

With such a promising start, XDefiant may become the first-person shooter many craved. We hope Ubisoft adds capture-the-flag and more game modes in the future.

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