‘This game’s troubled’: Monolith’s Wonder Woman reportedly facing issues

Two and a half years ago, Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions teased an upcoming game revolving around DC’s Wonder Woman. However, only radio silence followed in its wake, and now reports suggest that the game is in trouble.

The first and only Wonder Woman teaser trailer dropped in December 2021 during The Game Awards, and since then, no updates were provided by either the publisher or the developers. In preparation for Summer Game Fest 2024, Kinda Funny host Greg Miller shed some details about its current state. Unfortunately, he bears bad news.

“You want the exclusive? I’ll give you my ‘Jeff Grubb’ information. In the past year, cause I’ll leave it ambiguous, I have talked to an insider, who was like ‘this game’s troubled.’ That’s it, that’s all I’ll say,” Miller revealed in the latest episode of the podcast.

The game’s initial and only teaser trailer showcased Diana of Themyscira all geared up in her armor and wielding one of her iconic assets, the Lasso of Truth. The video itself was narrated by her mother, Hippolyta. The press release following its launch promoted it as an open-world game that would make use of a renowned Nemesis System, which was introduced in the Middle Earth franchise.

Another mind-boggling piece of the puzzle is that Monolith Productions, the studio behind Wonder Woman, hasn’t released anything in seven years. Their latest game was Middle-earth: Shadow of War, which premiered in 2017, and they have long been known for heavy hitters like F.E.A.R. and Condemned: Criminal Origins. With that in mind, it’s safe to suspect the whole team is working on the superhero game, which makes its mysterious “troubling” status even more intriguing—and distressing.

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