Enshrouded finally adds highly requested feature in latest update

Enshrouded developer Keen Games has definitely been listening to the community as the game’s latest update includes a feature that topped players’ wishlists.

The multiplayer survival game launched in early access in January for PC to rave reviews, and Enshrouded’s full release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is due for later this year—but new content is still being added.

The Vukah enemy type in Enshrouded.
A new enemy awaits. Image via Keen Games

Enshrouded’s latest major content update, Melodies from the Mire, introduces a new sub-biome, a dual-wield weapon, and musical instruments. The biggest change, however, is the implementation of a feature players have been crying out for.

The most-requested feature in Enshrouded’s Feature Upvote was player progression and world progression, which has now been added to the game in the Melodies of the Mire update—meaning players are free to complete quests already ticked off by admins of other servers in their own time.

Additional player-requested features, like custom naming for Flame Altars and bases and showing character rather than Steam account names, have also been introduced in the update.

While these quality-of-life updates will appeal to players, the addition of new content will also whet the appetite of fans and keep them busy, providing an expansion to the Revelwoods with Blackmire, a “deep forest area with towering trees, rambling roots, and houses hidden between branches.”

This new area “focuses even more on verticality” in Enshrouded, with new jump pads providing access to some areas and a new vicious enemy type, the Vukah, who “look friend-shaped but are quite vicious when they need to be.”

Players on Steam Deck also have cause for celebration as the update results in Enshrouded running smoother on the platform, with users on the handheld device now able to benefit from the same updates as desktop players, including a rebalanced combat system and improvements to player progression.

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