Anime Champions Simulator Trello link and Discord server

In Roblox’s Anime Champions Simulator, you can gather a team of your favorite anime superheroes and take on the enemies to earn gold and unlock new characters, and having access to the game’s Discord server and Trello board makes this easier.

There are so many mysterious and new things to know about ACS that having access to the game’s official Discord server and Trello board can help you understand the nitty-gritty of the game and connect with the community.

Here is everything you need to know about Roblox’s Anime Champions Simulator’s social groups.

Anime Champions Simulator Discord server

Picture of popular anime champion Asta in Anime Champions Simulator.
There are always new anime champions. Image via Bura ACS

The official Anime Champions Simulator Discord server lets you join a community playing the game too. You can make friends, get official information on updates, and get sneak peeks from the developer on upcoming content. It is also a great way to voice your opinion on the game, which is directly visible to the developer.

There are also giveaways and codes that you can gather from the server that you’d otherwise miss if you went it alone. So, joining the game’s Discord server is highly advised if you want to really immerse yourself in ACS.

Anime Champions Simulator official Trello board

Picture of different anime champions fighting in Anime Champions Simulator.
Exhilarating fights await. Image via Bura ACS

The official Trello board of the Anime Champions Simulator is a goldmine of information that you can view with a free Trello account. Simply open the Trello board and get up-to-date information on all the different rarities of anime champions you can earn, so you can choose your favorites to spend your gold on wisely.

You can get information on the roadmap, skins, mounts, synergy, factions, and harmony, too, as well as get inside information and tier lists on the current meta. You can also learn about spirits and all the statistics of all units in the game, which gives you an edge in building your supreme anime team.

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