How to link items in chat in Last Epoch

Last Epoch is a proper ARPG, and that means enemies explode with loot like an overstuffed piñata. You frequently need to compare and contrast your pickups, so one of Last Epoch’s most helpful features is the ability to paste item links into chat.

Linking items in Last Epoch chat, explained

Linking an item into Last Epoch chat with a red arrow pointing at the item name in the message box
Linking items is easy—just make sure you send it to the right channel. Screenshot/Remix by Dot Esports

To link items in chat in Last Epoch, press I to open your inventory, Enter to open chat, and Control-right-click an item’s icon in your inventory. You’ll see the item name appear in the message box—simply customize your message, then press Enter to send.

This feature is especially helpful when you want to show your friends a new item you just picked up, ask other players for advice, or sell an item to a willing buyer.

Remember to set your desired chat channel before linking an item—Global if you want to reach everyone, Help if you’re looking for advice, Party if you want to talk to your allies (the shortcut is /p), or a Whisper to another player with /w (or /r to reply).

Linking items in Last Epoch is a fairly confusing process because it isn’t directly explained on item tooltips—unlike the other shortcuts. It says you can use Control to compare items, Alt to see mod explanations, and Shift-right-click to drop items, but nothing about linking items in chat. Once you remember to Control-right-click, it’s easy.

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