Best Zenless Zone Zero team comps

As one of the newest gacha games, Zenless Zone Zero has a ton of characters to collect and build. One of the main mechanics is building an optimal team that will help you clear any content in ZZZ.

Hollow can be a scary place where dangerous opponents lurk around. So, you need some heavy hitters to help you get through story commissions, beat Shiyu Defense, and conquer the entire Hollow—and to do that, you need to assemble the best teams you can make.

Here are the best teams in Zenless Zone Zero.

The best teams in Zenless Zone Zero

Two characters sitting on top of a car in Zenless Zone Zero.
There’s a long road ahead. Image via HoYoverse

With Zenless Zone Zero being a fighting gacha game, you have a lot of options and flexibility with the characters. It’s important agents synergize well because of their unique Skill sets, Attributes, and fighting styles. This means that the most optimal team usually consists of a main damage dealer, a sub-DPS with debuffing capabilities, and preferably a support who either provides heals or utility.

Here’s out top picks for the best teams in ZZZ

5) Anby, Nicole, Billy

Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero can use Perfect Dodges.
The original trio. Image via HoYoverse

Don’t let it trick you just because this is a starting team made of A-Rank agents. Despite being a full free-to-play team, this gang is powerful in almost every aspect. With this team, you have everything covered, from Attribute diversity to crowd control and decent damage potential.

Besides being the leader of the Cunning Hares Faction, Nicole is also a great Ether support. As her partner in crime, Billy Kid functions as a quick-swap sub-DPS, and thanks to his pistols, he deals massive AoE Physical damage. As a cherry on top, Anby is a powerful A-Rank hybrid damage dealer who can burst out a ton of Electric damage and make this team complete.

4) Soldier 11, Koleda, Ben

A group of four characters ready to fight in Zenless Zone Zero.
Set the entire Hollow ablaze with this one. Image via HoYoverse

If you’re looking for a team that causes chaos and destruction, this is the team for you. Also known as a burn team, this Belebog Heavy Industries crew uses three Fire agents, and thanks to its massive frontload damage, it’s one of the best mono-Attributes teams you can make.

To start things off, Soldier 11 is the main DPS on this team, and she’s currently the strongest Fire damage dealer you can get. The perfect synergy between Koleda and Ben is crucial to increasing her damage. Koleda is a great Fire sub-DPS who excels in stunning her opponents, and Ben is a splendid Fire defense unit who adds a ton of value to the team with his shields and buffs. 

3) Anton, Anby, Nicole

Four characters grouped together in Zenless Zone Zero.
Powerful and completely free. Image via HoYoverse

This is another full free-to-play team you can make at the start of your journey, and it’s very powerful. Although the team consists of A-Rank units you obtain for free, this crew is highly competitive with other teams because it covers everything you need.

Your main DPS here is Anton, who deals a lot of Electric burst damage. He’s an attack-focused character with a high damage potential. Paired up with someone like Anby, he gets the job done. Just like in the other team, Anby works as a hybrid sub-DPS who quick-swaps with other units to deal fast Electric damage, and to top everything off, Nicole is a support who elevates this team thanks to her Ether Attribute, and amazing crowd control abilities. 

2) Grace, Lycaon, Rina

The Victoria Housekeeping Co. characters gathered around a table in Zenless Zone Zero.
Fast, elegant, and deadly. Image via HoYoverse

If you really want to electrify your opponents, then a good mixture of Victoria Housekeeping and Belebog Heavy Industries Factions is the way to go. Although this team uses two S-Rank characters, the damage and value it brings is worth your every Polychrome.

Grace Howard is a powerful Anomaly Electric agent who utilizes her Electric abilities to Shock her opponents, which affects her opponents even when she’s off-field. Pairing her up with another heavy hitter like Lycaon, who deals high damage and functions as a hybrid support who Dazes opponents, is crucial. The last piece of the puzzle is Rina, who deals decent Electric damage and supports the entire team with her outstanding buffs.

1) Ellen, Lycaon, Rina

Lycaon of the Housekeeping Faction with Corin.
They sit alone at the top. Image via HoYoverse

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but as a premium team that uses three S-Rank characters, this one is the king of the hill. As the best team in ZZZ, it uses two Ice characters who are the best characters in ZZZ and one of the best supports you can get. 

Ellen Joe is an S-Rank Ice agent, and she’s the best damage dealer who deals a ton of Ice damage and has high mobility, making her fun to play. To match her synergy, Lycaon is a fantastic Daze debuffer who turns this team into a powerhouse with his stuns. To make this team perfect, Rina is there as flexible Electric support who buffs the Penetration Ratio and increases the team’s overall damage.

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