How to fix evade controller bug in Last Epoch

Last Epoch season two adds a new evade ability for every class. It’s a short-range dodge with a four-second cooldown and two charges, and while it doesn’t make you immune to damage, it does help you escape AoE attacks and avoid projectiles.

Many controller players can’t evade when they first log into Last Epoch season two (myself included). But worry not—there’s a very simple fix.

Last Epoch evade controller bug fix

Last Epoch controller keybind settings menu with red arrow pointing to Restore Defaults option
Simply go to the input settings and choose Restore Defaults. Screenshot/Remix by Dot Esports

To fix the evade controller bug in Last Epoch, you just need to restore your default input settings. Press Escape or Options/Menu on a controller, choose Settings, then Change Input Keys, and finally Restore Defaults. This binds evade to B/Circle on your controller—the same as action-heavy RPGs like Elden Ring, so it should feel familiar if you’ve played similar games.

The developer hasn’t officially confirmed the reason for the bug, but community reports suggest it happens if you previously had an ability bound to the evade button. I had an ability bound to Circle on my Warlock before season two, which is the same as the new evade button, and when I logged in, I had to reset my controls before I could evade.

Lots of players were asking for an evade button, and I’m very glad Eleventh Hour Games added one. According to the developer, the new evade ability allows them to “assume a baseline of mobility for all characters” and “increase the base level of difficulty in some fights, regardless if players use Evade or another movement ability.”

The evade button should open up new build possibilities because it’s no longer mandatory for every build to include a movement skill to avoid damage. In my book, it’s a great change. Next, if you want some free cosmetic goodies, check out our guide to all Last Epoch Twitch drops.

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