Zenless Zone Zero – Best Anton build in ZZZ

Anton Ivanov is one of the A-Rank agents in Zenless Zone Zero, and he’s a great free-to-play option.

Here’s the best Anton build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Anton Zenless Zone Zero build

A group of four characters ready to fight in Zenless Zone Zero.
One of the original starting characters. Image via HoYoverse

Anton is a strong A-Rank Electric damage dealer you can get for free at the start of your ZZZ journey. Even as a starting character, he’s a powerful carry with high damage potential, making him one of the best characters in ZZZ. He’s an Attack Style DPS who excels at dishing out massive burst Electric damage, and to use his kit to its utmost potential, you must equip him with proper W-Engines, Drive Discs, Bangboo, and level up his Skills.

Best Anton W-Engines

Four characters fighting in a battle in Zenless Zone Zero.
Start the engine and start dealing damage. Image via HoYoverse

As weapons in ZZZ, W-Engines are an essential part of this build, and giving Anton the best one increases his damage significantly. To maximize Anton’s damage potential, equip him with a W-Engine that increases his damage. Luckily, he has a lot of great options.

Here are the best W-Engines for Anton:

  • Drill Rig – Red Axis (A-Rank)
  • Cannon Rotor (A-Rank)
  • Street Superstar (A-Rank)
  • Lunar Noviluna (B-Rank)

Drill Rig – Red Axis is an A-Rank weapon, and since it provides everything Anton wants, it’s his best in slot W-Engine. As his signature weapon, it has a decent Base Attack and a valuable Crit Rate main stat. Additionally, this weapon increases Anton’s Electric damage by 45 percent for 10 seconds whenever he uses his EX Special Attack. 

Cannon Rotor is another A-Rank weapon, offering a ton of value. It provides a good amount of Crit Rate as the main stat and increases Anton’s attack by seven percent, which is a solid overall damage increase.

Since you can only obtain those weapons through the ZZZ’s gacha system, you can always use something like Lunar Noviluna, which is a decent starting B-Rank weapon.

Best Anton Drive Discs

Four characters standing above the word Zenless in Zenless Zone Zero.
Dance to the beat. Image via HoYoverse

A good W-Engine is crucial, but finding a proper Drive Disc to match its rhythm is also important. Since Anton’s a main carry who mostly deals Electric burst damage, equip him with Drive Discs that increase his damage potential even more.

Here are the best Drive Discs for Anton:

  • Thunder Metal (four-piece)
  • Swing Jazz (two-piece)

The four-piece Thunder Metal is everything an Electric carry like Anton wants. This Drive Disc is his best-in-slot because it increases his Electric damage by 10 percent and attack by 28 percent. 

While you can always go for more offensive options when it comes to two-piece sets, Swing Jazz is a utility set more optimal for Anton than other sets. Since Anton deals heavy burst damage, the two-piece Swing Jazz increases his Energy Generation Rate by 20 percent, which allows Anton to use his Ultimate more often.

Best Anton Drive Discs stats and substats

Two characters sitting on top of a car in Zenless Zone Zero.
Another journey, another grind. Image via HoYoverse

Good stats and substats define those Drive Discs, and since Anton’s a pure damage dealer, his desired stats are straightforward.

Here are the main stats you should target:

  • Slot Four: Crit Rate or Crit damage
  • Slot Five: Electric damage
  • Slot Six: ATK%

Anton scales with offensive stats, so to increase the value of your main stats, you should aim for a balanced Crit ratio and as much attack percent you can get as substats.

Best Bangboo for Anton

Army of Bangboos running in Zenless Zone Zero.
They will always protect you in the Hollow. Image via HoYoverse

This build isn’t complete without Anton’s little sidekick. The best Bangboo is the little Electroboo that continuously deals Electric damage and inflicts 120 percent extra Anomaly Buildup whenever there are at least two Electric Attribute units on the team.

Best Anton Skills

Resource management is important in ZZZ, and since Skills are the core and essence of Anton’s kit, you want to level them up and increase his damage even more. 

Here are the Skills you should prioritize:

  • Basic Attack
  • Dodge
  • Special
  • Ultimate

Your top priority should be Anton’s Basic Attacks because they are his consistent source of damage, but leveling up his Dodge is equally important because it’s connected to his Burst Mode, which comes from his Special Attack. While his Ultimate isn’t used frequently, it’s still a nice chunk of damage you can use, so make sure to level it up as well.

Best Anton Mindscapes

Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero can use Perfect Dodges.
Unlock his potential and unleash his true power. Image via miHoYo

Anton is a great DPS unit even without Mindscapes, but since he’s an A-Rank agent, you’re bound to get some of his copies sooner or later. Getting his Mindscape one is a good stopping point if you have your pulls ready. As his best Mindscape, it helps Anton regenerate additional energy, which is always nice to have.

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