What does Solo Account Found mean in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch season two is finally here, and if you’re like me, you’re eager to jump back in with a new seasonal character to explore all the new content. If you want to amp up the difficulty, Last Epoch offers two challenge modes that restrict your freedom.

Keep reading to find out how Last Epoch’s Solo Account Found and Solo Character Found challenge modes work.

Last Epoch Solo Account Found challenge, explained

Choosing Solo Account Found mode during Last Epoch's character creation
You can choose two challenge modes when making a character. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Last Epoch offers two distinct challenge modes: Solo Account Found and Solo Character Found. You can select one of these modes when creating a new character, including season two characters and Legacy characters, but it’s entirely optional.

Solo Account Found means your character can never group with other players, nor can they obtain items found by other players through trading. You can still share your own items and materials with your other Solo Account Found characters, as long as they’re on the same game mode (Normal or Hardcore) and Cycle (season two or Legacy).

This optional challenge mode gives you a hefty handicap because obtaining items from other players is a very effective way to quickly boost your character’s power.

Last Epoch Solo Character Found challenge, explained

Choosing Solo Character Found mode during Last Epoch's character creation
Solo Character Found is the harder of the two challenge modes. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Solo Character Found is even more restrictive than Solo Account Found. It means your character can never use an item found by another character, even your own—on top of all the restrictions of Solo Account Found, like no partying or trading with other players.

You’ll essentially be playing single-player (which means you can play offline and avoid Last Epoch’s server issues), so if that sounds like a fun challenge, go right ahead.

Should you choose Solo Account Found or Solo Character Found in Last Epoch?

An image of the Mage casting a spell in Last Epoch
There are so many different ways to play Last Epoch. Image via Eleventh Hour Games

Most players should create a normal seasonal character to play Last Epoch season two, and if it’s your first playthrough of Last Epoch‘s new season, I strongly recommend you do the same.

But if you’re looking for an extra challenge, Solo Account Found is a fun way to increase the difficulty without getting frustrated, and the added freedom to trade between your own characters is nice. Sometimes, you find a fun and powerful item for a different class, which is a great incentive to make an alt and try out a new play style.

Having said that, if you’re looking for a substantial challenge and don’t want assistance from other characters, Solo Character Found is the way to go. To take things even further, consider making your character Hardcore as well; this makes death permanent, and combined with Solo Character Found, it’s the ultimate challenge for seasoned Last Epoch players.

If you’re playing with others, you need to know how to link items in chat in Last Epoch, and there’s a bunch of Last Epoch Twitch drops you can get for free before the time runs out.

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