‘Stupid ass game’: Bug makes CS2 pro storm out of the room in anger

We’ve all experienced losing a Counter-Strike 2 match or round to an annoying bug, but Freakazoid got so frustrated with a bug that he stormed out of his room in anger.

In a Twitch stream on July 9, the current Mythic player was trying his best to make a comeback on Nuke’s CT side, where he found himself in a two-versus-two scenario. Anticipating the enemies were on bombsite A, he tried to jump onto heaven from the outside, but an annoying bug stopped him, leading to a rant by the CS2 pro before he ultimately stormed off.

“F***ing stupid ass moth********g ass game, man,” Freakazoid cursed as he tried to get onto heaven on Nuke, but the bug stopped him from jumping. As a result, he went the other way around, entering the A bombsite through Main. Unfortunately for Freakazoid, his enemies already anticipated him and quickly took him out, making the Mythic player slam his fist into his desk and leave the room.

Luckily for him, his teammate clutched the round in a one-versus-two scenario and gave their team another shot at completing the comeback. That didn’t happen, though, with the CTs losing the following round and Freakazoid immediately ending the stream afterward.

Bugs are, unfortunately, a common feature in CS2 nowadays. Players report numerous issues with the game, including cheaters, game-breaking occurrences like Freakazoid’s situation, performance issues, buggy maps, and more.

Each multiplayer title is bound to be plagued by bugs to some extent, and with CS2 being barely a one-year-old game, it’s hardly surprising to see it struggling with similar problems. However, what’s worrying is that Valve is seemingly doing little to nothing about it, rarely releasing updates or hotfixes that would take current issues under the scope. The latest major update was at the end of June and mostly featured community maps for specific modes.

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