Spicy mustard NYT Crossword clue hints and answers

Who likes mustard? I know I do. But what about “spicy mustard?” Today’s NYT Mini Crossword clue could be tricky for those with a distaste for spicy food.

This type of mustard is one of my favorites, so I got the answer almost immediately. It goes perfectly with steak frites, but you can even use it in a salad dressing, marinate with it, or glaze meat or vegetables—talk about versatility.

Hints and answer to spicy mustard Crossword clue

  • Hint 1: It’s a light shade of yellow.
  • Hint 2: It’s sometimes accompanied with honey.
  • Hint 3: It ends with the letter “N.”
  • Hint 4:  It’s named after a city in France.

Stop scrolling now before I give away the answer. You’ve been warned.

That’s right, the answer to three down in the July 10 NYT Mini Crossword is DIJON. Dijon mustard (or Moutarde de Dijon in French) is named after the city of Dijon in Burgundy, France. It’s traditionally made of brown mustard seeds, white wine, vinegar, water, and salt. It’s about a million miles away from the sweet stuff you squirt all over your hotdogs.

All answers for the July 10 NYT Mini Crossword



  • 1D P.R Concern — IMAGE
  • 2D Fruit that may be served with sticky rice — MANGO
  • 3D Spicy Mustard — DIJON
  • 4D Pure joy — BLISS
  • 5D ___ out a living (barely get by) — EKE

Spicy mustard clue difficulty rating

This was easy for me, so I’m giving it a one out of five difficulty rating. But I’m from Europe, and Dijon mustard is readily available. If you’re an American reader (or from elsewhere), this type of mustard might not ring a bell, so there’s no shame in reading this guide to find the answer.

How to play more crosswords after solving the NYT Mini

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