The First Descendant players beg dev to add Warframe’s range of cosmetic options

The First Descendant offers plenty of different customization options for you to splash out on, from maid and academy outfits to paints. But your customization is limited unless you decide to buy cosmetics for cash.

The paint system in The First Descendant only allows you to customize paid skins, which has frustrated many players because they can’t change their appearance. In a Reddit thread on July 6, players asked the developer to implement a customization system similar to Warframe that allows you to customize default outfits and doesn’t have a limit on the paint use.

The Bunny Speedy Awakened set in The first Descendant.
Only one way to stand out from the crowd. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“In Warframe you can paint the default skins and unlimited use of dye, please give us the same system because I’m tired of seeing blue bunnies running everywhere.. this shit is tedious,” a player wrote in the original post.

In The First Descendant, unless you buy a skin for Bunny, you’re stuck with her blue outfit, which doesn’t make much sense since the game gives you some paints for free. On top of that, one paint is tied to one skin, meaning to color more skins, you need to get or buy more paints.

Unfortunately, many pointed out that a system like this is made to incentivize players to spend money on the game. Nexon already came under fire for greedy microtransactions immediately after The First Descendant‘s launch. The game sells multiple materials you need to optimize character builds, and even though you can earn them by playing, it doesn’t make the company behind the game look any better.

Still, the existing paint system is better than what was showcased during The Final Descendant Technical Test in May 2024. The paint system there was basically loot boxes you buy in hopes of getting the right paint.

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