Apex leaks hint at new legend who looks straight from the Void

An Apex Legends leak unveiled a new legend coming in season 21, and community members already have plenty of theories about the character’s backstory.

Apex Legends leaker Osvaldatore posted an image on X of the upcoming season 21 legend Alter today, along with a list of her abilities. As a member of the Skirmisher class, players can expect Alter to provide a team with mobility to pull off aggressive plays or get out of trouble quickly, and the leaked abilities lean into that play style.

Passive – Gift from the Rift: Alter can interact with a deathbox from a distance and claim one item. Alter cannot grab a Shield Core for an armor swap using this ability.

Tactical – Void Passage: Alter’s tactical creates a portal passageway through a surface.

Ultimate – Void Nexus: Alter creates a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.

Legendary recolor for Wraith
Alter and Wraith could potentially have some connection. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

An uncanny resemblance in abilities and appearance led some community members to theorize that Alter and Wraith are connected. Wraith was a scientist who was betrayed and ultimately became a test subject in a mission to confirm the existence of alternate dimensions. After waking up with no memories, she set out to learn about her past and what happened.

Wraith would soon be visited by a soldier in white armor and a purple helmet, who revealed she was an alternate version of herself from another dimension. The mysterious character left Wraith the signature Kunai knife and technology used for phase shifting that Apex players have become familiar with. It’s quite possible that Alter is another version of Wraith from a different dimension. All will be revealed soon, as we expect season 21 to start the first week of May, based on the battle pass counter.

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