Cities: Skylines 2’s first DLC bombarded with 96-percent negative reviews on Steam: ‘This is a joke’

Cities: Skylines 2 has been going through a rough five months. And just when everyone thought a turn was coming, developer Colossal Order dropped the game’s first DLC—and everyone hated it. So much so, that it is currently sitting at “Overwhelmingly Negative” reviews on Steam.

The DLC launched on March 25 alongside the long-awaited official modding tools and Paradox Interactive’s new platform, Paradox Mods (currently in beta). Though this major patch was seen as a major step in the right direction, the DLC itself received massive backlash from the player base primarily due to lacking any meaningful content. The DLC, titled Beach Properties, is an asset pack with summer and tropical themes, and includes only a few buildings for the European and North American styles, some palm trees, and not much else. Only four percent of players would recommend the DLC on Steam, and the other 96 percent are calling it “a joke.”

Beach Properties buildings in Cities Skylines 2's first DLC.
Beach Properties is oriented toward tropical town builds. Image via Paradox Interactive

“This DLC is a joke and not even worthy of a review. PS: this review has more content than this DLC,” wrote one top-rated negative review under CO’s latest asset pack. Other reviews were nonetheless critical of the acute lack of content in the Beach Properties asset pack, with one saying: “It’s a DLC, you forgot the D and C, and left us with a big L.” The lack of assets was a significant issue players had with Cities: Skylines 2 proper, and seeing as the DLC has proven an insubstantial addition to the already small asset library, the reviews are somewhat unsurprising.

Cities: Skylines 2 itself is currently sitting at “Mostly Negative” recent reviews, and “Mixed” overall. Since its Oct. 24 launch, the game has struggled with performance issues, lacking content, and more, which has prompted some to abandon ship and move to greener pastures.

Developer Colossal Order has come out time and again promising to improve the game and fix existing problems, though the progress has been somewhat slow. Most recently, CO’s chief executive acknowledged every point of contention fans had with the game and vowed to tackle them as soon as possible. But if things go the way of Beach Properties, the future of Cities 2 will remain uncertain.

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