MW3 season 3 brings new Zombies content: Schematics, new Warlord, third rift

A new wave of content is coming to the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, or MWZ, when season three of the latest Call of Duty release launches at the beginning of April.

At the forefront of the new additions to CoD Zombies is the continuation of the Dark Aether story with a new mission, a third Dark Aether Rift that will feature several objectives and prolific rewards, new Schematics to unlock, and a new Warlord to face.

The third Dark Aether Rift in MW3 Zombies.
A new rift awaits. Image via Activision

The new Dark Aether story mission will see you team up once again with Sergei Ravenov, this time to locate and rescue Dr. Jansen from “a new and terrifying region of the Dark Aether.” In addition to the rewards that completing the mission itself will provide, this mission should be the first stepping stone toward entering the third Dark Aether Rift, much like how the previous story mission Countermeasures had to be completed to unlock the second rift.

To unlock the third Dark Aether Rift, though, you’ll certainly have to do more than just complete the story mission. You’ll need to find and attune “several relics” to unlock access. Once you’re in the Rift, you’ll have more than your fair share of challenging adversaries to face, but you can earn valuable rewards if you make it out alive.

Those valuable rewards include some new highly classified Schematics. In season three, players who brave the Dark Aether Rift can find Dead Wire Detonators, the Golden Mask Filter, and a Sergeant’s Beret. Dead Wire Detonators apply the Dead Wire ammo mod to lethal equipment and launchers. The Golden Mask Filter is a permanent self-regenerating gas mask. The Sergeant’s Beret equips a merc disguise and lets you summon a friendly Merc Bodyguard.

All of these new items will prove to be quite valuable against the new Warlord, the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker may not have a wicked spinout clothesline, but he can rain down artillery and rocket barrages. A fast boat is recommended just to reach his fortress on Rahaa Island, across the water from Shahin Manor.

All of this new content goes live in MW3 Zombies when season three launches on April 3.

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