Some Into the Light weapons will be time-gated in Destiny 2, Bungie confirms

Destiny 2‘s Into the Light developer stream on March 26 showed off the BRAVE Arsenal, a slew of reissued popular weapons. Guardians may have to wait a bit to get their hands on some of them, though—and we’re not talking about the update’s release date.

Only half of the BRAVE Arsenal will be available when Into the Light drops, Bungie confirmed in a blog post today. The remaining six weapons will be time-gated, with a new one releasing each week. “The remainder will unlock one at a time each week through the week of May 21,” the blog post reads—just two weeks before The Final Shape.

Three Guardians square off against Eliksni enemies in Midtown during a match of Onslaught.
Another wait ahead. Image via Bungie

Yesterday’s devstream showed off the upcoming BRAVE Arsenal weapons and teased “limited-time variants” of them, which will only be available until the next expansion. Despite its thorough level of detail, the broadcast didn’t outright mention a time-gate, though the vendor screen for Arcite 99-40 only showed a fraction of the arsenal available.

While time-gating content has been standard practice for Destiny 2 for years, releasing the new weapons gradually and without previous warning may have blindsided fans, especially since the topic went unaddressed in the hour-long broadcast the day before. Additionally, time-gating weapons during the run-up to The Final Shape means players will have less time to earn the limited variants, since they will only be available until the expansion’s release on June 4.

For now, the six weapons available on April 9 are:

  • The Recluse
  • Elsie’s Rifle
  • Succession
  • Edge Transit
  • Falling Guillotine
  • Hung Jury SR4

Trimming the offerings for the first half is undoubtedly tricky, and some weapons were bound to be left for future weeks. The shortlist for the first batch of weapons excludes highly coveted weapons such as the Mountaintop and Midnight Coup, but it includes the most contentious weapon in the BRAVE Arsenal: Hung Jury, which is on its fourth reissue. Not even the Destiny 2 community knows why Hung Jury is back at all, with some fans particularly angry at the missed opportunity to have other iconic weapons.

On the flip side, the upcoming Attunement system with Into the Light should help dilute RNG and potentially make farming for these guns less painful. Still, the system will only work with weapons you’ve unlocked, and its actual impact will remain unclear until the update releases.

There is still some time until Into the Light releases on April 9, so players will have to wait regardless. Until then, Bungie has one devstream scheduled and two weekly blog posts, so players can expect more details on Into the Light before the update launches.

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