Apex Legends trailer shows off new legend Alter—and she’s terrifying

Apex Legends has officially welcomed its newest addition to the game’s ever-growing roster, with Alter joining the fray as one of the most mysterious legends to date.

In the new trailer, Alter explains to an unfortunate captive that she was taken in and trained to become a deadly assassin, and eventually, she became one of the best. Her previous employers eventually betrayed her, and left her to fend for herself—or so she says. Throughout the rest of the trailer, she answers different targets as they ask her the same question: Who are you? She comes up with different stories every time, meaning her backstory is still as mysterious as her motivations to join the Apex Games.

There is, however, a small hint to her lore, as she drops a picture of Horizon and her son at the end of the trailer and cryptically says, “I’m the one at the end… or am I?” She leaves the fanbase with more questions than answers, as she laughs maniacally before fans are given the gameplay reveal trailer date, which is set for Friday, May 3.

Although there aren’t many reveals around her abilities, players can easily see a mechanical tail that extends from her back that she uses to attack her enemies. She could use this tail in some sort of capacity as she zips around the battlefield, causing mayhem and chaos wherever she goes in Apex Legends.

We will, however, need to wait until the ultimate unveiling of her kit, as well as the fresh content that will be available in season 21.

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